Friday, February 6, 2015

Putin Laughing and Snapping Girly-Man Necks

It is easy when your opponents are so stupid they practically defeat themselves.

These idiots spent 4 billion and still lost the entire Ukraine. They couldn't organise a bowel movement.

The false flags were so lousy that they immediately tipped public favour back to Russia.

Remember, when what you are doing produces worse results than had you done nothing, you can safely conclude you are a moron.


KW Jackson said...

Funny how a bit of truth can stop a war.

Grognard said...

USA - two police shot and some people stand up to BLM and government completely reverses course, but they expect they can just roll into another major country and bully them into becoming an open air brothel by sending prostitutes to pee on pictures of the pope and then following up with a few hired thugs.

I almost had wished this would come to a head in real violence with russia to wake the world up. Obama is the last emperor of a soon to be irrelevant empire chasing whatever whimsy of his backers comes to mind.

FrankNorman said...

Hey Tex - you heard that they are now saying that Putin is "one of us" - an Aspie?

No wonder he's doing so well.