Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Post-Nuclear HKs

Imagine a couple thousand of these powered by atomic batteries.

Parachuted into a grid quadrant and told to clear out anything with a heat signature bigger than 50 pounds. Radio back when the job is done. Uses swarm collective AI to work together as a social group. One pack flushes you out, the other pack waits for you to run or retreat towards them.

Never tires. Never stops. Continues until either destroyed or disabled.

Where this is leading is to a pretty bad place. For once I agree on something with Elon Musk.

Now imagine the kinds of people attracted to politics in all nations have control over a hundred million of these.


styrac1 said...

styrac1 said...

What America stands for:

Russell said...

It would be a problem for a couple of rounds.

Then people would fight back.

One thing that might actually turn out to be a good thing in such a war, the Thal and cro mingling gives you some sharp minds in a body engineered for war with just enough of the blood craze mixed in to keep them motivated.

The bots won't be the main target. Anything electronic can be hacked to some degree. Someone will figure out how to mitigate that threat.

But the people controlling the bots will be a target.

If I'm reading the tea leaves correctly, the bot controllers require an empire to make their evil programs function, and empires crumble a whole lot faster these days than most people imagine.

Don't get me wrong, much evil will happen by these fiends hands, a lot of needless suffering and misery, but there is always a point when the worm turns.