Monday, February 2, 2015

Paul Craig Roberts On The Unreality Bubble

Can you have an opinion on anything if you live inside a sealed bubble with intellectual climate control? Paul Craig Roberts doesn't think so.

World War III will be a dumb war, like all wars that finish off civilisations. Later on, people will have a hard time understanding why it was fomented so devotedly.

Maybe the truth is, they just don't need you any more. The other 99% are extraneous as far as they are concerned. Making money means you have superior genetics, so these critters think. To have such a thought, one must first have crappy, substandard and mediocre genes. Anybody who thinks about it long enough will conclude as I have that even the lowliest manboon is as entitled to his life, his freedom, his folly and his failures as I am. These sloppy bipeds first build up their confidence by engaging in a lot of do-gooder schemes and when they learn the bitterness that all improvers of mankind stumble upon eventually they then decide on the sophomoric insecure sweaty adolescent overcompensation meme - since we can't fix everything that is wrong with the world and now know why then we are entitled to destroy it. What childish sycophants. From such crooked timber no straight thing was ever made. It shocks me and feels humiliating to think I once shared thoughts with these people when I was too young to know better. It is as if the thoughts themselves had stained my human dignity to have traded in common with the likes of these troglodytes.

How many of these people know that one important quality so many of them have in common is that they have scary, disturbing voids in their brains? Some in the frontal lobes, others in the amgydala and occasionally in the cerebrum itself. Less brain is never better than more brain so if anyone is numbered amongst the inherently defective it would be the human being who lusts for power so strongly he is willing to sacrifice anything to get it. We called these botched and bungled socialist parasites the nouveau rich and they are the people this article is talking about. One less worldwide bailout would have put the majority of all of these psychotics straight into the poorhouse or prison in 2008 when the natural consequences of repealing the Glass-Steagall act were just allowed to manifest themselves.

The manboons are not the species they think they are. That's my species they are confusing themselves with. That species of primate has never changed and never will change. Look here to see that they will always be the same, no matter what happens … this was written 2000 years ago.

"They have plundered the world, stripping naked the land in their hunger… they are driven by greed, if their enemy be rich; by ambition, if poor… They ravage, they slaughter, they seize by false pretenses, and all of this they hail as the construction of empire. And when in their wake nothing remains but a desert, they call that peace."

- Tacitus (Roman Historian)

Tacitus lived through the reign of the madman Domitius and also knew what garbage Emperor Nero was. Both men fancied themselves the pinnacles of human perfection.
Nero had captured Christians bound to posts in his garden, soaked in oil and set alight to provide illumination for parties in the evening, which many guests were said to have declined because of the stench of burned bodies. When Nero had the nearby mountain carved with his face, the inhabitants of Rome said in private they no longer liked to watch the sun rise in the morning because it would mean witnessing his hideous, corpulent face to start a new day. Nero had women shot by archers at his poetry recitals when they tried to sneak out to get simple food and water. After the rebellion of Vindex, Nero was a fat miserable coward who realised he would probably be tried and convicted for burning down Rome to further his architectural ambitions, so he poisoned himself rather than man up to his own crimes. Such men, the Sapiens call their leaders.


Ron said...

This is a really tragic and beautiful post. It is cry for sanity, a desperate plea for humanity to have mercy on itself.

It's good to know that at least some people will be alright. I honestly hope, despite all our differences, and whatever happens to me, that you make it out OK tex.

This post reminds me of a line by Ben Hecht when he was describing how he saw society in the 50's

I started writing because I had been looking on the world. I had watched it fall sick.
All was serene in my domain. Love, hope, gratitude abounded in my home. We who live in it were as unwarlike as so many summer fire flies. I imagine most homes are the same.
And yet the world continued to arm itself, to scream at itself, to brag of its new God-like powers of destruction.
In this contrast between my home and the fi-fo-fumming of statesmen lay the measure of the sickness which has smitten the mind of man.
A world readying itself for atomic war. A shivering world. I saw it as a figure with glaring eyes that stood on a window ledge high above a street, jabbering at the sky and treatening to jump off.
A fine place for the descendant of Moses, Christ, Socrates, Shakespeare, Michelangelo, Beethoven, and Geroge Washington to be standing. Ah, this sad figure of a world—hard rumpled on its high ledge, burbling to the wind all the reasons it has for committing suicide. A writer should not turn hsi back on it. He should speak to it, however vain his words.

Jake said...

Great post, and both inspiring and depressing.
I also cannot believe how sick, deep, and intensive the brainwashing was when I was a kid in school. I am in my mid-40's, and now it is MUCH much worse. Which is why our son is in a private, Christian school. But the brainwashing rot exists even there, although it is less intense.
They make the kids recite the "pledge of allegiance," evidently not knowing or caring that this awful piece of propaganda tripe was written by godless socialists to brainwash kids into worshiping the state.
I need to figure out how to get my kid out of schools completely, and home school, and live even more indepedently.

Edward said...

LOL, that kind of reminds me of another poetry recital. Is that you Nero?

styrac1 said...

Putin's an Aspie?