Wednesday, February 25, 2015

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Azeri said...

Tex, I'm curious to know if you have ever had a DNA test done on yourself to see exactly what percentage of your DNA is Neanderthal. I just received my results from 23andMe and my DNA is 2.8% Neanderthal which puts me in the 66 Percentile of 23andMe users. What percentage of DNA would you say would make one more Neanderthal-ish than sapien?

Herman said...

This made me laugh I love it

JeffreyJerpp said...

@ Azeri....

Whatever zany statistics 23andMe throws at you are not really relevant. A tiny minority of people are capable of substantive, critical inquiry, while the vast majority simply emote according to primitive neurological heuristics.

If you are reading and comprehending this blog, you have sufficient neanderthal and/or melonhead genes such that you fall into the "can actually think" group.

I think we are underestimating the degree of interbreeding that has taken place between neanderthals and melonheads over time, come to think of it. Tex has described how mousterian neanderthals merged with a melonhead gene pool to form Scythians/Khazars/"Jews", but it seems extremely likely to me interbreeding took place at many other places and times. For instance, although I have the look/behavior profile of a neanderthal, I find melonheaded women are particularly endeared to me for some reason, even when I say true things out loud.

Interestingly, although they would agree about almost nothing politically, Ron Paul and Mitt Romney are actually very friendly between themselves. There is a kind of natural synergy between the two types, something Tex has mentioned multiple times on this blog and which I've seen personally many times. Each delights in the way the other sees the world, and can provide them with things they could not for themselves.

bicebicebice said...

@ Azeri

I am in the 85th percentile range among European users with 2.9%. I do however agree with JeffreyJerpp, try the gedmatch Archaic DNA matches instead, this is what mine looks like on the standard setting: