Friday, February 6, 2015

Get More Flu Shots

You can have mine so you'll get two, one in each temple. Two is even more better than one.

Why stop there? Get a couple dozen more so you'll be "safe."

After all, if they work the only person who will be at risk will be those that didn't get them, like me.

Strangely enough, every time a flu comes through the office wherever I am working I get two weeks paid leave inside of the company because it sits totally empty while the staff are at home sick as dogs. I surf the net and read up on world events. Pity me, the sad Yank contractor who was the only person in the office who didn't get the free flu shot the company offered.

All the staff come back in two or three weeks later looking even sicklier and more diseased than they usually do, coughing and hacking and seemingly clinging to life by a thread. "Wait - you were the guy who didn't get the flu shot! Now I know why we all got sick! Everybody had to get it for it to work! You Yank troublemaker!"

1 comment:

Chunkations said...

yeah this measles stuff doesnt make any logical sense.
Someone didnt get their measles vaccination so a bunch of people who got their shot got sick!
They are immune though!