Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Ditching PHP. Check This Out.

I tried some of these samples and they seemed to run pretty well on my $1.00 Compaq Presario T20 Thin Client using the default IE6 browser that was installed on it ten years ago.

I program in Angular regularly but Angular doesn't support much older browsers. Ember not only supports them it runs SPA (Single Page Applications in Javascript) on Internet Explorer 6 fully integrated with JQuery and JQuery-UI 1.8 which is also compatible with browsers going back to IE5.5+ and up with a small patch snippet. Since I got Raphael and Maphael (graphical mapping with animation) running long ago with JQuery on IE6 this all seems like a pretty killer combination. I started to think about a SPA application in Ember with JQuery/UI, Raphael, Maphael, my custom SCADA controls in Raphael and even my SVG importer for shapes to Raphael all hardcoded into my executable and it was pretty thrilling stuff thinking of it running on multiple thin clients in a Vault using IE6 only.

Every weekend I have been plinking away at the PH7 embedded PHP implementation for Vault-OS without much enthusiasm. I knew I should have gotten really excited about it but somehow the thought of coding everything up in PHP didn't grab me. I just had this nagging feeling there was a better way out there just waiting for me to discover it.

I've programmed and gone live with a half dozen SPA apps so far on contracts I have had, 5 of them in Angular and 1 in Ember. Without question, Ember was way more productive. No doubt about it. A few lines in Ember and you have what appears to be a full application. The Ember app was semi-realtime and it ran like a dream. Add some generic CRUD (Create-Replace-Update-Delete) routines for AJAX calls (I hardcoded these years ago in raw ANSI C for built-in SQLite) and you can create full editing systems with a couple of lines. There is so much sample code in Ember I could throw in features like Vault Mail at each terminal and Vault live chat with very little effort.

I know I refactor often.

But consider this.

If I have a Batcave-In-A-Box running SPA applications on 20 year old browsers for $1.00 thin clients running almost all major realtime protocols that fits on a floppy disk and runs under everything from Linux to DR-DOS 32 bit, you know I will have basically achieved something legendary. Imagine that entire batcave computer on a floppy running on DR-DOS and Bruce Wayne dropped like a billion for his. Now imagine this as open source given away for free to survivalists worldwide.

Batman would have a nervous breakdown and probably need to go on anxiety medication.

That Neanderthal is an asshole! I'm being targeted because I'm a celebrity!
 I'm telling you, the guy is trying to break me down mentally!
I don't know how much longer I can take this!


Ave said...

Tex, I wonder, why wouldn't you set up Vault-OS for RASPBERRY PI ?

I know the old computers are 1$ each, but really I don't mind paying 35 $ and have something I can run on a car battery.

From my point of view, as a end user (you know, THOSE end users), I'd really like something I can slap on a microSD card and get away with it.

automatthew said...

PHP is fractally bad. Glad you're discarding it.

Luke said...

Nice! I always thought PHP was an odd choice.

Texas Arcane said...


X86 compatible should run great on Linux or any OS you install on Raspberry including DRDOS.

raspberry supposedly runs universal packet driver for its Ethernet so it should run fine any DOS system.

Texas Arcane said...


Funny page on PHP. Very true.

Russell said...

PHP is the web version of VB. Any damn idjit able to pound some code into a text editor and have something simple happen on a web form button click is suddenly considered to be a programmer.