Friday, February 6, 2015

Civil Defense For Me, Not For Thee

When they do it is is farsighted and prudent. When you do it, you are crazy.

In public they continue to claim everything is going to be fine. In private, they read Vault-Co and plot their escape routes and pack their bugout bags. "That Vault-Co guy! Whatta nut!" (Secretly reading Vault-Co blog on his screen)

Notice my unpromoted, unadvertised, unmentioned, unlinked, unspun, unknown and unaccredited blog is about to coast through two million hits. You can add another two million to that easily, the original Vault-Co blog once got 30,000 unique hits in a single day.

Only a Neanderthal could fail to figure out a way to make money off of it. I didn't start the blog for that reason and I never intended to run it for that reason. You will never see advertisement banners on this site, ever, until the day they drop the bomb. Might someday have a link to my book if I ever finish my stupid computer game.


ucabulator said...

Abandonware - A web archive of old DOS software.

Ryan David G said...

"Global warming data tampering" has been widely reported in the last couple of days (eg: Telegraph, UK) but they link to this blog:

Sure you've seen it before (and discussed this) but interesting to see the truth gradually emerging in the mainstream media.

Proscribe said...

As long as you keep the fire going and keep sharing what you learn with us. I can see through the ads. I know what a rare thing this is.