Sunday, February 1, 2015

Another State Saint

You can always tell which man the monsters will venerate - just look for piles of human bodies piled up to the clouds and meaningless destruction and chaos, a wasteland of blasted earth where there are nothing but crows left and the smell of smoke and devastation.

Ordinary people cannot tell right from wrong. They can't tell good from evil. They can't distinguish truth from lies. They are blank slates upon which is written the will of the psychopaths and abominations who rule over them.

The same things were said about Emperor Nero by his friend when he was gone. Every other wicked man wants to idolise his predecessors even as he himself plots to exceed them all in body counts.

I suspect my ancestors had simple criteria for "good leadership." If they are getting a lot of people killed then they are not good leaders. If they are getting a lot of people killed and not doing any of this fighting themselves, they are not fit to be leaders at all. If Western people insisted on only permitting men in leadership who had themselves been soldiers and known the horrors of war, they could save the lives of their sons and the lives of the people who have done them no harm.


mike said...

Why are you so convinced that you're a Neanderthal, anyway? You puff yourself up based on that alleged fact a LOT.

aeolipera said...


Texas Arcane said...


Reminds me of when that guy on the Island of Dr Moreau asks Marlon Brando "What is going on this island, anyway?"

How long do you expect my reply to be? The length of an advertising blurb?

KW Jackson said...

Very interesting take on "melonheads" as a Pharaoh bloodline.

KW Jackson said...

Seems to me the answer to both questions is "Something you are not aware of." ;-)

mike said...

Not publishing my responses, eh? No surprise. Gotta have and the last word so you don't look bad to the other viewers. I know how it is.