Friday, February 6, 2015

Another Great American Sniper

Of the exact same flavour as Chris Kyle … specialising in shooting women and infants, sometimes together with the same bullet.

They're all combatants in the end. Soldier, civilian, man, woman, friend, foe they must all be destroyed through a scope in the State's opinion. A whole life snatched away at a distance by cowards who shoot unarmed civilians and call it their duty. These men think they are warriors, except we have one million years of fossil evidence from the greatest warrior race that ever lived and there is not a single anthropologist on the planet who has not remarked on the strange absence of any victims of this breed but other males, whether their own species or another hominid. Amongst the Neanderthals, it must have been the creed of every male that if a war must be fought, so be it and we do so with all our might but we never, ever kill the women and children of our enemies for any reason, even if it costs us our own lives. Such things are simply not done by proper men, the Neanderthal would explain.


Bob Wallace said...

Even before I clicked on the link i knew you were talking about that POS traitor Horiuchi.

Grognard said...

Snipers are heroes now? What's next, drone operators?

Get back to me when he is the one handing off money to rogue ayrabs in face to face prisoner exchanges miles from any backup, then we'll see how brave he is.