Saturday, January 17, 2015

Worse Than Nuclear Winter

The sky blacked out for ten years or more, no Sun and no moon for a decade.

Article neglects to mention a single super volcano could achieve this and has before many, many times in the past. Yellowstone has wrapped the planet in a black death shroud at least a half-dozen times.

The cold alone would be like the inside of a freezer for many years. Heat would have to come from simple sources like burning wood, coal and wastepaper.

I am really focused on this steam generation of electric power for this reason. It's the ultimate failsafe against everything. You burn something and you get light, power and warmth plus cogeneration of hot water for cooking and washing. Solar and wind are good backups but nothing beats a fire. There is nearly always something to burn lying around. You could probably survive 100 years burning old newspapers if you had to.

Connecticut officials at a loss to explain what is happening, tell residents to prepare for possible unprecedented earthquake

Earthquakes. In Connecticut.


mike said...

What's the deal with 2014 being the hottest year on record? Read an article recently that three of the hottest years ever recorded have taken place within the last decade. Makes it look like the global warming freaks have a point, no?

How would you respond?

Texas Arcane said...


They've already admitted in private leaked emails they must be willing to make up whatever is necessary to achieve their ends.

This latest screeching is as real as their hockey stick graph.

Warmthinkery is madness. The Earth is plunging into a new Ice Age.

Askari Rey said...

Look on the bright side. As a Thal, you will fare better than most with overcast skies and subzero temps. You will also witness the culling of quite a few superfluous Saps. ;). Hope that's not too mean.

Also, what news resources do you regularly read if you don't mind me asking, Texas Arcane?

lysander said...

I have lived in CT for my entire adult life and I remember an occasional EQ that would occur every several years or so, but nothing like this.

There has even been a case of the weird trumpet or grind noise of the same type that has been reported many times elsewhere in the world. I know this because I heard it. It was mentioned in the town paper once and then dropped, even removed from the archives. It was never mentioned in the MSM newspapers or on TV, as far as I know.

I think that whatever the hell is coming, is going to happen suddenly and all at once.

Grognard said...

Could be fracking related, too.

NjordDanuson said... These are so vault tec a couple of these could power a shelter easily for decades use less fuel and way safer and cheaper then any pressurized steam engine....