Saturday, January 3, 2015

What My Pilot Light Looks Like Before It Goes Out

It looks like this.

Coronal holes are parts of the sun being ejected before they burn, a clear sign of a weakening magnetic heliosphere like that associated with a new Ice Age.

Vault-Co has been writing for years about the "shotgun" where the biggest ejectas of magnetic energy occur lining up with the Earth in such a way that the largest releases of electromagnetic pulse will be fired right down the barrel. Guess what is at the end of that barrel.


scipio afircanus said...


do you think these could be powerful enough to cause an extinction type event on planet earth?

Texas Arcane said...


... from the side effects alone.

scipio afircanus said...


I have said before I laugh a lot when i read your posts... Much of my laughter comes from seeing you demolish some cherished fantasy of the powers that be...that and your excellent choice of words to point out various aspects of manboon stupidity...If you are right, there probably have been many extinction events in the past that have never even been recognized