Friday, January 23, 2015

What Happened To Patrick?

I will tell you the truth.

The Patrick Kinney I was friends with growing up was scored at 156 Stanford-Binet. At this time I had only scored 148 at the age of 9. It was only later in the military that was revised to 183. Both Patrick and I just naturally understood he was the brighter of the two of us. That didn't stop the two of us from having tons and tons of fun, building blinding arrays of flashbulbs to detonate at night to try to mimic the glare of an atomic blast. We built guns that fired foam and superglue we thought we could use to stick people to walls. We kept modifying our short-wave radios to receive bands that civilians didn't even know existed. Patrick and I both went on the bus into Lincoln, Nebraska to attend the civil defence classes after school and the two of us surpassed every adult in there in about one week. Kinney and I together were exactly like two evil super villains who had discovered their soul mate in the other. We drew up vast plans to conquer the planet using white noise, secret microwave dishes to fry attacking armies, even at one point discussing using the moon as a slingshot to accelerate asteroids at targets on Earth that opposed our benevolent regime. He and I had a bunch of notes and graph paper in a folder on the ATOMIC CANNONEER 2000, a gun bristling with every imaginable weapon you could imagine plus it dispensed gum. This folder of notes would travel for a while with me while I added to it and then Patrick would continue the design engineering on his end of the weapon our loyal cadre of bodyguards would wield. It fired a tactical nuke salted with cobalt for tougher challenges.

See what I mean about my early experience? Here is a Neanderthal easily drafted into a power scheme by a melonhead. The two of them become good friends and before you know it the Neanderthal is helping with all of these things. It often is a natural meeting of minds. The Neanderthal is enchanted because here is an intellectual peer. Someone to talk to about something, anything. As opposed to the manboons. The "logistics and support" role passed naturally to me. I would be the Captain of the Guard in our coming new order. Patrick would describe the outlines of his long range vision and I would be in turn the one who delegated the necessary tasks to bring it to fruition.

The Patrick I knew could literally think circles around this guy above. I mean, scream around his head like the Roadrunner. When Patrick and I really got going, teachers complained the two of us talked so rapidly it was impossible to comprehend our conversation. Several teachers believed the two of us had intellectual disabilities. This was at a time when I had just won the school spelling bee and Patrick was doing calculus as a 12 year old. Everybody - I mean, everybody - teachers first and foremost - hated our guts except for a very small fraternity of casual friends who orbited around us. We were never disciplinary problems at school of any kind. We were simply different from the other kids for the most part and this earned us their hatred on all sides.

The guy above looks like a typical academic hovering around 120, just enough brains to prevent him from ever realising he is a moron. His ambiguous, weak arguments drifting from one hilarious bit of pseudo-science to another misconception most laymen have debunked are simply unrepresentative of the person I knew in any way, shape or form.

I literally do not recognise him in the soul. The body type, face and eyes match but it doesn't sound like it could possibly be him. He was so much smarter than this gibberish I cannot tell you.

IQ loss and gain are documented throughout human life. I feel something must have happened to Patrick. I don't know what it is. The kid I was friends with in school passed more brain cells in any given bowel movement than the academic above has in his entire head.

There is one other possibility. It is possible that 40 years later, I realize that I used to believe this guy was brighter than I was. I may have grown astronomically since then and it is my perception and memory that are fooling me. I used to look up to Patrick and this guy, I just see as so far beneath me as to be of almost no consequence. He just can't think very well and it shows in the video.

I guess if you really wanted to be brutal, you could conclude that a kid like Patrick who goes into the university system looks like this when he comes out. Literally ground into dust. That is the most agonisingly disturbing possibility of them all.

P.S. There's always the part about no more meat for peasants. Only the ruling classes ate grass-fed beef in Egypt and Sumeria and probably every empire going back for a 100,000 years. The melonheads are always irked at the rabble eating meat and want to switch them back to early death sentences on grains and carbs. So they manage to sneak this into every discussion of climate. Because farting cows. Show me the chemical equation that demonstrates methane making the water vapour mantle a better heater insulator as it increases. Not that cows produce any significant amounts, anyhow. The average volcano belches out more in ten seconds than all the cattle on earth ever have in centuries. I have actually heard that methane is used in refrigeration because it conducts heat out, not traps it in. You can chill just about anything with methane.


HalibetLector said...

Re: Cows. Moo.

HalibetLector said...

For those who don't want to watch the video (he is rather droll), the tl;dr is: grass fed cows reverse desertification and reverse climate change.

Texas Arcane said...


Grandiose much? As practical as our asteroid slingshots, I think.

There is so much science missing from this preposterous suggestion it is hard to know where to begin. Reverse desertification involves grass-fed cows? So what has desertified most of the Middle East over the past 40,000 years? Farting cows?

We're moving into theology here. Actually it all seems like theology. Science, not so much.

MycroftJones said...

I haven't watched the video. But I witnessed a grass-fed operation in the Fresno Valley, California. The entire place was GREEN. Without any irrigation. All around it was dry dusty desert. So, without having seen the video, I can say IT IS TRUE, glad other people are out there spreading the message; cows interact with the earth somehow to reverse desertification. Imagine what will happen in Kenya and Tanzania if they succeed in conquering the Maasai with feminism. From green to desert in no time flat.

NjordDanuson said...

He knows exactly what he is saying is a lie and belives the agenda behind it justifies his actions 100% ...

njartist said...

'So what has desertified most of the Middle East over the past 40,000 years?'

You may want to read Perinne's "Mohammed and Charlemagne" and Emmet Scott's sequel to Perinne "Mohammed and Charlemagne Revisited".

When the Moslems overran North Africa, they destroyed the granary of Europe by their methods of grazing their animals and neglect of the irrigation systems that had been in place since ancient times.

Noid said...

OT: Thought you'd appreciate this.

nfoe said...

I have freinds that can verify what HalibetLector is saying.

Bare soil causes runoff, you can see that floods are much more frequent now because of overgrazing and modern cropping practices which cause the same effects as deforestation.

I saw a report which mentioned that the amazon rainforest is often shrouded in cloud except over the breaks int the forest like rivers, because cover increases transpiration and reduces runoff.

They point to heat-waves and especially floods as proof of “climate change” when in reality they cut down forests in Borneo and get floods as reliably as clockwork, and overgraze and burn Australia and get floods just the same.

They burn the national parks in the US and wonder why they have nothing but pines. They overgraze and wonder why the rivers are full of silt.

Yes it is livestock, but you can’t have grassland without livestok otherwise, depending on rainfall it will turn into forest; scrup; or desert, if there is no livestock to recycle the carbon the grass dies.

It is all a perfect system, but fools wreck it.

I tried since I was 15 to stop farmers overgrazing, It took me years to understand what someone told me about it being impossible to tell people what they did not want to know. They CANNOT know.

It is possible to grow 2-10 times as much grass by not overgrazing but only ONE person tried it and they ended up being the only manager not running the farm into the ground.

nfoe said...

They need to lay 70% of the dry grass on the ground keeping recovery periods in mind. green grass stands up again and the extra surface area fuels the doubled productivity.

Nobody does this because they are...

Well you helped me understand this a little.

Thank you, Tex.

Sam said...

It's not cows that are the main problem in overgrazing it's goats.

Craig said...

Reverse climate change? Does that mean cow farts will affect sun spots... I try to subtly point out the sun spot activity in accordance with medium and long term weather patterns.

It's hard with the "Climate Changers" as they turn off and don't read you if you spook them. You catch more flies with honey then vinegar.

It mainly comes down to over grazing the feeding capacities. This has only grown worse as agrochemical industry has replaced looking after the land with maximum profit margins.

Notice the "climate Changers" are rather quiet on the methane farting front... It's almost like someone proved them wrong with the farting of grass white ant bacteria and fungi, with a $80000 grant funded by the Ippc. Of course the Ippc was hoping to take cattle off the land, but miraculously the opposite happened. HA HA I say to them.

Kona Commuter said...

I’m a huge fan of Geoff Lawton’s work in permaculture. He’s rehabilitated plenty of over grazed land.

Check out his stuff.

August said...

Yes Tex.
You build the soil by grazing them properly, and people are already doing it.
Greg Judy
Alan Savory
Mark Shepard
I could go on, of course.

And then you switch from annual crops to tree crops. Instead of corn and soy, chestnuts and hazelnuts (at least here in America). Not sure what would work in your biome.

Whenever you build soil, you sequester carbon, so the governments/crazies/faux scientists don't have a leg to stand on with their policies anymore. Even Shell Oil is looking at this and spending money to research just how much carbon is sequestered this way.

Funny how even for a problem that Al Gore basically made up in order to promote more government, the answer is for government to get the hell out of the way and let a lot of small farmers farm the way they want to rather than continue to prop up big Ag and implement Agenda 21.

Craig said...

When growing up I had one Melon(Star child x Snake) best friend in High School, he had the most pronounced forehead snake bumps on a person I've ever seen, he got that from his Aussie mum. All my mates before him we're Thal, umm geeks predominately.

I guess you could call me a defender of geeks in school.

"Crag mad, Crag smash." Use to be my saying. :-)

My mate Ryan the melon was the ring leader of all the cool Thals and melons. He being half USA white fella would bring his gridiron ball to school and set up a rugby x gridiron game.

I'd been playing Aussie rules(AFL) that year as the local teams coach recruited me, he being the PhysEd teacher, after seeing me play some contact sport at school. I played ruck(Fella who taps the ball out in the bounce off/throw in's) and defensive positions mainly, and was given the title of, "The cure to black magic". In other words no one could get pass me, even the good Aboriginal players, who were damn slippery.

Back to the rugby x gridiron. I asked Ryan for two weeks straight on every break and lunch, if I could play. It was always no, with some ridicule, that would slide off my back. At the two week mark he finally said yes.

It was funny, Ryan said "You can play on the other team, cause they're shit, and you'll be the extra player." Well that suited me fine, I smashed all the players on the other team including Ryan, every opportunity I had. With the ball no one could touch me, then once pass the tri line, I would casually walk put the ball down as if it was nothing special. Of course I won the game single handedly. My favourite memory of that game, I had the ball and a stupid spear chucker, came at me front on to shirt front me. I ducked down, lifted him up, still at full pace and flipped him over my shoulder, he spun a few times and hit the ground hard.

The next day I was a team Capitan doing the picking, and had to have the disadvantage of playing a player short... fun times, never lost. I became King of the all against all "Killer ball" game too.

Then I was in the cool world and geek world at school and had fewer problems then before. So I was lucky, and so were my geek mates, as I'd smash anyone who would bully them/us.

So you're not the only one Tex, thanks for writing your stuff. As like others have mentioned in comments, once you read it, it just makes so much sense, so much so your life makes sense. Finally. :-)

aeolipera said...

All of the previous comments could be correct and I would still be suspicious. Food pyramid, climate change, gouging (real "organic") food prices, genetic modification of food...everything these folks say, they always end with the conclusion that the peasants can't be allowed to eat protein.

The pattern is incontrovertible, the only question in this case is whether it is coincidental.

Mark Mitchell said...

Sam, it's not the goats per se. They get the bad press because they can live on land that has already been degraded beyond the ability to support cows or sheep, so they look like the cause.

August said...

Something about the cadence when Patrick speaks leads me to believe he knows he is lying on some level. Maybe he has lulled himself into believing he is merely oversimplifying. He sounds like an adult telling children something meant to keep them calm and under control.

HalibetLector said...

Wow, my previous comment apparently was a lot more controversial than I thought it was.

For the record, when I said "and reverse climate change" that was tongue in cheek. I should have made it more obvious I was being sarcastic. Also, the links contain data that supports the comment Tex made about cows.

So yeah, moo.

Grognard said...

He was probably never as smart as you remembered. I have figured out over time much the same thing many times over. Starting with "why do I meet so many stupid people with degrees from harvard". Eventually you realize most of the world is just fakers who talk a big game.

olebob said...

While a fool has limits on his nonsense, the Intellectual has absolutely no limits in his blindness.

Alan Gould said...

"Let not young souls be smothered out before
They do quaint deeds and fully flaunt their pride
It is the World's one crime its babes grow dull
Its poor are Ox-like; limp and leaden eyed
Not that they starve, but that they starve so dreamlessly
Not that they sow, but that they seldom reap
Not that they serve, but that they have no gods to serve
Not that they die, but that they die like sheep"

Your story is really sad and disturbing. University crushes souls,especially brilliant ones, and people can fall a long way in early adulthood.