Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Lulu, A Worker Shall Be Created

A creature will be formed who will be an instrument of our will.

It will not stand against us being incomplete on its own.

It will have capacity for craft in its hands but will not know its left from its right.

We shall speak and say "do thus" and it will be done. It will lack a soul that it should pine for freedom.

Seeming in all ways to be adequate it will be nonetheless inadequate to stand against us.

The raw form we need is already here. In its present form it is too strong, too cunning and too full of life to serve us. We will weaken it, take away what is not in our interests and mold it into our perfect servant.

Do this, Lord Enki, let it be done. We command that a Lulu, a perfect servant, shall be made!


theepilgrim said...

Sapiens: Caught on Camera.

Like the worker drones of a bee-hive. Except that worker bees are genetically programmed to protect and serve their colony, while these drones in human form seem programmed to do exactly the opposite.

"There is nothing like the sight of an amputated spirit. There is no prosthetic for that."

styrac1 said...

"Mohammed banned alcohol and vice among Arabs for a reason, it’s no surprise that the Arabian peninsula became a conquering power soon after it implemented Islam. Stripping them of these rules, and then transporting them to live in Europe, is a recipe of disaster, and this is exactly what the designers of the ’68 immigration policy intended.

The goal is to transform the Arabs who refuse to shed their hatred of Jews and cultural conservatism into secular vatos and negroes who prey upon innocent white people every day in America but pose no political threat to Jews."

styrac1 said...

Kona Commuter said...

I hated the people laughing as they watched this.

I’m on the wrong side of 40 now and the so called “News” angers me a great deal. I note the cyclical nature of the “stories”. Bumper sales at Christmas = Good News. Three months later “Credit Card debt out of control. Bad Consumers”. Every Schoolies “It’s the Toolies causing trouble” & reports of how many they arrested when that number is usually par for the course for the Gold Coast. New Years? The first baby born (locally).

How about reporting some actual news? The stench of corruption is overpowering. State Premiers staying at their “friends” Mansion. Friend just happens to be the CEO of a very large recipient of State Contracts. etc etc etc

Texas Arcane said...

@Kona Commuter

Our ancestors were wise with all those media ownership laws, weren't they? The ones they dissolved in the late 90's along with the Glass-Steagall act forbidding banks to gamble with their own deposits.

Every tenth generation destroys all the wisdom collected before it and tramples it as foolishness beneath their feet but it is they who are the fools.

.roca said...

It's creepy.

Ron said...

No you guys don't get it.

This is something much much worse.

Either some innocent human being was tortured, had his mind utterly smashed and reprogrammed from birth. What you just saw was a command code to get him/her (probably a lot of them) to act and do something.

Or even worse, that's a more "general effect" programming. I've suspected for a while the occultists have been programming and fracturing the psyche of society as a whole.

In either case, that was a command code.

For what it is worth, I can feel it, I can feel the effect of it. I actually had to stop the video because I could not take it.

I feel like vomiting.