Wednesday, January 14, 2015

North America Shaking All Over

A huge flurry of major quakes all over Texas and Oklahoma following a very large solar storm.

I have a feeling this is all the "new normal" that is coming. Exiting the Holocene and entering a Grand Minimum is a time of great upheaval. Quakes that would formerly be considered apocalyptic will become rather routine for a long time in many places. This is part of the transition that takes place in the planet's magnetic heliosphere as it changes relationship with the Sun.

If it is any comfort, keep in mind the evidence says this has all happened before many, many times. It is part of living on the Earth. It doesn't matter what the expectations of the people are who live in mini-malls and food courts based on their negligible experience. Sometimes the planet just gets rougher to live on. It is a good thing for many reasons, assuming you survive it.


scipio afircanus said...

From reading here, I understand that "coronal mass ejecta from sun the interacts electromagnetically with the magnetosphere, which is generated by rotation of the molten core of the earth. A powerful interaction between a coronal mass ejection and the magnetosphere will effect the core rotation, resulting in earth quakes and other changes at the surface"

sounds very logical, let me know if i missed anything

scipio afircanus said...

Dang Tex,

you have done it again. If it is possible to estimate or measure the amount of energy hitting the magnetosphere of the earth, it would be possible to model the effects on the core. This makes perfectly good sense, you would think our mellonhead overlords would have some Thals look into it. If the manboons all die off, who is there to rule over, besides you in your vault? Once again, dark comedy gold found here!