Thursday, January 29, 2015

Listen To Us, We're Still Right Despite Turning Out To Be Completely Wrong

Scrambling to reinterpret the evidence and still control the conversation.

Still doing that "out of africa" thing.

These people should talk to the man who is the origin of the hypothesis. He said it was hogwash he just made up on the spot without evidence for political reasons. That is the man that the theory originated with and the man that was used as the reference for the theory.

Hey, you're thinking. That Tex claims crazy things on Vault-Co. To listen to him, you'd think there have been no "evolutionary" changes to genetics of any kind and that Cro-Magnons remain Cro-Magnons and Neanderthals remain Neanderthals and the way he talks about it you would think it is because he has seen evidence the rest of us don't know about yet or have not been exposed to yet. It's true. I have seen the hard genetic evidence and I have made up my own mind. Nobody else has made it up for me.

The problem with "evolutionary" theory and "Out-Of-Africa" is that all the evidence points to the exact opposite conclusion in all regards. Aside from his small inheritance of 'Thal genes from millennia of gang-rapes, Cro-Magnons are exactly the same as they have been for at least 30,000 years without a single change of any kind. Cro-Magnons were empty, flat-faced chimpanzees with a human-like appearance. Cro-Magnons were not human beings in the way you think human beings are. He was an animal that walked on its hind legs and was an incredibly dangerous spear chucker. The overwhelming genetic evidence is that he never set foot in Africa. He does not have a single haplogroup originating there. Not one. Around 40,000 years ago he appeared at the southern tip of Europe as if he had materialised out of thin air. He then proceeded to march north with one purpose and one purpose only in life - to exterminate Neanderthals.

So here's what happened. They reached the north, cleared the Iberian Peninsula and having succeeded at their goal despite their widespread capture and rape of Neanderthal females, they then settled down and simply engaged in never-ending tribal warfare. The tribes that had the most Neanderthal slave children kicked the crap out of those that didn't. Some of them were so successful they began to form city-states and warrior-king monarchies.

Up until the present instant when you are reading this, the Neanderthal genes and the Cro-Magnon genes show no real evidence of having blended together. Cro-Magnons have feelings of kindness for animals they never had before. Otherwise, they are pretty much the same bunch of assholes they always were. Neanderthals are a little meaner, more aggressive and crazier as a result of being forcibly mixed with their breed. Otherwise, they continue to remain largely a separate species. That's because when you blend oil and water, you can only create the illusion they have blended together if you keep shaking the bottle. The second you stop the two separate and it is obvious they are not really mixed at all. The differences we are talking about between the two breeds are so dramatic that to this day, the body of a rhesus negative woman will try to either kill her or kill her offspring if she is raped by a rhesus (monkey) positive male. That is one big difference. It is fair to call it antagonistic gene pools.

What you really have now, is Cro-Magnons armed with nuclear weapons that were largely the result of Neanderthal slave ingenuity and problem solving. Hardly the best of all possible outcomes.

P.S. I saw THE IMITATION GAME movie about Alan Turing. I liked watching the part where Turing is fighting to keep the apes from destroying his machine that saved Britain and won the war. Shows you these chimps are hanging by a thread at the best of times. Even though the movie had that whole gay agenda I sympathised strongly with Turing. You could see the intensity of his loneliness and how he never really had a chance with females he was so ostracised from society from a young age. I don't resent Alan Turing for being a flawed human being. I felt really sorry for him after seeing the film despite knowing exactly how it ended. Remember, Cro-Mags don't give 'Thals ticker tape parades even after they save the continent from firebombings. After all, those slaves are just doing as they are told. 'Thals do better in life when they keep this in mind. Remember what they did to Turing and remember to guard your own interests. If you don't, they sure as hell won't. Turing was used and then disposed of. Gratitude is what separates us from the lower animals and Cro-Magnons don't appear to be capable of it. Think of all the unbelievable mega-pedo preverts in Britain that died in a warm bed and poor Alan Turing hounded to death over his sad, discreet little affairs with men. It could make you puke to think anybody anywhere could ever be treated that way. I swear to god if I had been in MI-6 I would have threatened the elites with releasing my files on their entire family if they didn't let Turing walk away in complete anonymity from his trial for "indecency." That family has been accused of staging dogfights with orphan toddlers for their amusement in private on more than one occasion. They ain't changed one bit in 60 years. (Read that link! Better stage another "terrorist attack" as soon as possible) Behind closed doors the only way they ever knew what happened to Alan is that he told everyone the truth when he was asked a direct question. Another symptom of what an unbelievably good man he was in his way.


Sam said...

All mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) is passed from only the mother. If that is so then no Neanderthals were raped by Cro-Magnon because no Neanderthal mtDNA exist in Homo Sapiens Sapiens. This means Neanderthals were the ones doing the raping.

No Evidence of Neanderthal mtDNA Contribution to Early Modern Humans

Neanderthals Didn't Mate With Modern Humans, Study Says

I could provide lots lots more links but I'll stop there. Like they had been fighting a lot. Maybe so. Maybe Neanderthals are not peaceful at all. According to Michael Bradley’s books “The Iceman Inheritance” and “Chosen People From the Caucasus and "The Cronos Complex” he talks about the possibility that Neanderthals with some human admixture cause the large majority of violence on the planet. Bradley is half-Jewish by the way. An anthropologist surveyed all the Neanderthal bones and found they had enormous numbers of fractures. Double the amount of all others. Maybe the Jews are not only psychopaths maybe they’re Neanderthals. The link below has some good reading.

On this page is a quote,

"...The “Jewish” Ashkenazim had come from a region of known late-lingering Neanderthals, the Caucasus Mountains and the neighboring Russian steppes.

Some typically “Jewish” physical traits were very obviously vestigial Neanderthal ones – generally a short stature and a plump physique, many very short wide-hipped and big- breasted women, extremely hairy men and a tendency toward beetling brows and large beaky “hooked” noses in both genders. Many Ashkenazim have crinkly-curly head hair tending toward dark reddish brown or mahogany in color.


Sam said...


Among Ashkenazi “Jews” there is also a genetic tendency toward beaky faces, not only just noses, and big mouths (in more ways than one) that “wrap around” the lower face. Barbara Streisand and Julia Roberts provide two lovely and very well known examples of how attractive this genetic trait can be. But these are not “Semitic” physical traits. They are Neanderthal physical characteristics.

And maybe some Neanderthal emotional and behavioral traits persisted among the Ashkenazim along with the physical ones.

Their “chosen people” pretension is a typical Neanderthal in-group obsession that is actually a genetic racist predisposition against all other humans. It is a genetically determined “us against them” mentality. Their higher level of known Neanderthal aggression against outsiders is responsible for their disproportional social influence wherever they have settled in the West...."

"...This unfortunate combination of high aggression combined with a tendency toward hysteria and emotional instability has proved to be a dangerous and tragic situation over the course of Western history. Their aggression encourages continual Jewish attempts to control societies, while the emotional instability makes it difficult for most Jews to distinguish reasonably between justified social criticism by their non-Jewish neighbors and attacks.

Insensitive even to objective concerns about inordinate Jewish influence in societies, and reacting with hysterical aggression to any such supposed “attack” on their behavior and pleas from non-Jews to limit it, Jews have always provoked violence against themselves. And then they, with much emotional satisfaction, feel victimized and attribute the situation to innate “anti-Semitism” among their neighbors..."

Michael Bradley's theory seems to fit the facts as Jews look like Neanderthals. Here's a sample chapter from one of his books. Very interesting reading.

More on Bradley's books.

He's not the only one that thinks this.,_Willis/Barnes_2006-2010/Willis_A._Carto_2010_05-06_TBR;_Revenge_of_the_Neanderthal.html

Here’s another site with Eric Hufschmid’s pages on Neanderthal looking people who mostly happen to be Jews. Start with page #1.

So maybe Cro-Magnon came from Atlantis when it sunk or maybe not. We do know that they didn't rape the Neanderthal women. They probably killed off the Neanderthals when they were attacked by them.

Grognard said...

I may as well "call it" now. The gears have been shifting for a couple of years now and it's only a matter of time before "out of africa" turns into "out of israel".

Politically, OOA makes me laugh because it paints africans as some kind of freakish genetic throwbacks which everyone else evolved from so I always wondered why they push this inane theory so hard.

Especially when these same leftists turn around after claiming evolution totally ocurred in africa (which has zero support from archaeology) and then migration occurred (of which we have lots of evidence of THE OPPOSITE). However, when it comes to darwinism outside of conversations about god, then the hand waving and denials and outright lies about evolution choke the entire room.

Also, according to OOA the races split off due to founder effect. This is totally plausible, the only really plausible part of OOA. Yet then the same people who champion OOA turn around and claim that light skin and eye genes evolved only very recently in europe (which gets disproved again and again) to delegitimize the claim of native europeans to their own lands. So is there only evolution due to drift (which we know is very wrong anyway due to being able to estimate this today) or is there very rapid gene selection? It just depends what the social justice warriors are trying to argue about on that particular day. No need for the truth to enter the discussion.

scipio afircanus said...

I would not be surprise if Allen Turing was sexually molested in his childhood. I have know several homosexuals over my lifetime, most of whom were otherwise decent people, all of them had this in common.

Texas Arcane said...


Michael Bradley has been out of touch with the science for 30 years from since I first read him. His writing is a time capsule of the misunderstandings that prevailed in 1975 on the subject.

He was always popular amongst white nationalists.

Unfortunately, after white nationalists recognised everything in the media they had been told was wrong, they developed theories of their own which ended up being even further away from the science. It makes white nationalists look like stupid people but they generally don't know it. All that talk about white genius but when they broke with the orthodoxy they invented anthropology that is even more ridiculous when examined in the light of revelations from genetic sequencing in the past ten years.

The mitochondria is not missing. It is carried on the male side, a situation that requires a new genetic hypothesis to even imagine how that could happen. I have posted dozens of links here on Vault-Co over the past years detailing the emerging evidence of the rape of the Neanderthal women.

Are you sure you know what Neanderthals really looked like? Most people I know think they do. They don't. Read some of the information up here if you want to know the truth.

I don't have the time to cover the past ten years for you in this simple reply but I have to point out you are getting this poor information from the same media sticking to the Out-of-Africa business after it has become absurdly out-of-touch. Do you really think this is trustworthy.

Texas Arcane said...


Also and more importantly …

Are you sure you know what Cro-Magnons looked like? They were black, hideously asexual and survived on a 100% cannibal diet. Changes everything when you find out the facts.

Here's what has really happened, I can't write you a book but here's the gist.

What white nationalists think are Cro-Magnon features are actually Amud Neanderthals features. What white nationalists think are Neanderthals are primarily melonheads with Mousterian admixture. They get it even more wrong than the mainstream media, only unlike the mainstream they aren't deliberately trying to mislead. They aren't smart enough to figure it out and not curious enough to really study the literature.

Sam said...

Tex said,"...The mitochondria is not missing. It is carried on the male side, a situation that requires a new genetic hypothesis to even imagine how that could happen. I have posted dozens of links here on Vault-Co over the past years detailing the emerging evidence of the rape of the Neanderthal women..."

I've read every post here for several years. I've know you've said that the Neanderthal women were raped by Cro-Mag's and the other. I don't remember any links or information of any sort that says mDNA comes from the male side or that Cro-Mags were Black.

I know you've said this but I haven't seen any logical data to back this. You could have posted this and I could have forgotten it.

Anyone can read my posting and I'm far from the type person that believes everything the authorities tell me so that's not the problem. I just see no evidence that mDNA comes from males or Cro-Mags were Black.

I have seen this,

note#12 specifically

but it seems to be rare. If the mDNA was from the mother there would be a lot larger match with Neanderthals.

"...Cro-Magnon features are actually Amud Neanderthals features..."

I've never heard you say this before. What I read you said was the the modern Neanderthal WAS Amund which is a little different. If now the Amund is Cro-Mag then where's the Cro-Mag skulls?

Let's look at pictures of what is purported to be each.


Looking at this picture I can buy that it's a heavy brow human but it seems too heavy. However it does not look like Cro-Magnon.


It's a big difference.

Now Mousterian

I can see that being Jewish.

Still the mDNA evidence for Neanderthals alludes me.

The reason I believe Michael Bradley has nothing to do with the age of his work. Carleton Coons work is aged too. Is has to do with the ideas he he has seem to fit the facts on the ground and that kicks in my Occam's razor.

Herman said...

Neanderthal women were raped first, then the fucked up hybrids raped Cro magnon women. End result no mtDNA from neanderthals, but it is present in the nuclear DNA. Though I like Tex's theory better about the use of neanderthal children as slaves. Out of Eurasia makes more sense. It gives the different races more time to develop through the erectus and austrolopithicine lineages. Also the oldest true primates are found in Asia at 65 and 55 mya

Grognard said...

MTDNA and y-dna don't really matter for this anyway. In small groups this will very quickly either trickle out or completely dominate due to genetic drift. In larger groups genetic drift doesn't matter much but if it's selected against then it will eventually be removed from the gene pool. Even if the majority of the people in the mix have it, this is the case. It's like compound interest in the bank for thousands of years.

Some of the neanderthal traits are heavily selected on and are very common all over eurasia. Others show signs of being selected against and are almost completely gone. So you can't really tell by the end result what happened.

In fact you can't even make a claim that the genes in people today which don't exist in neanderthals come from anywhere else until you find the real source of them in ancient DNA. Since most of these genes are fixed throughout the european population, they are or were highly selected on and probably became fixed when populations exploded when agriculture came about. So there may be no 'cro magnon' invaders at all, or at least they may have made little effect.

As for what they looked like, skulls like cromag 1 and 'modern features' like a strong chin and a straight up and down forehead, as the metapdia article points out, are actually very very rare even in europe.

Only some people in Ireland and Scandinavia and finland have skulls much like 'cro magnon' today.

Cromag type is also distinctly european and went INTO africa. That is why the term stopped being used because it didn't go along with out of africa chicanery. Instead they say anatomically modern, but the reality is the features generally thought of as modern are wholly european in origin. Which supports multiregionalism (as does all evidence, really).

As for what they looked like think rowdy roddy piper or strong men from iceland. I don't think what you think of as amud neanderthal probably actually is ancestor of anyone today directly and almost no one has skull like that now, if anyone.

Anyway, I like how no matter how much this theory is disproven, it doesn't seem to deter them in the least. They just add in some ridiculous exceptions to the rule and then continue on as if nothing happened.

Texas Arcane said...


I didn't say that the "Cro-Magnons were Neanderthals."

I meant that when white nationalists hold up their teutonic nordic ideal, high forehead, deep eyes, strong upper jaw bridge, roman nose and aristocrat chin ... they don't know that this is what the Amud looked like originally and this is why humans hold this as an ideal.

You don't have to read much to know that early Cro-Mags were hideous creatures. I could go back and find you a dozen links as well as at least three major press releases where scientists confess that Neanderthals may have looked nothing like previously posited and in fact might have looked exactly like modern humans.

Cro-Mags are missing two haplogroups originally connected to redheads, blue eyes and pale skin. The reason Cro-Mags developed pale skin was by interbreeding with Neanderthals.

I don't believe you could have read everything up here and I am pushed for time to do a forum search and compile a list. These ideas have been mentioned in a dozen articles I have posted links to previously.

There is absolutely no way Carlton or Bradley could have been right about anything since the revolutionary genetic sequences were released in March 2010 that basically changed everything people thought they knew about their origins.

I see you are linking to a 2008 article about Neanderthals no evidence interbreeding with humans - are you aware these scientists are laughing stocks now? They could not get a seat at a conference and the Out-Of-Africa guys are not even permitted to sit in the parking lot nowadays.

Herman said...

My anthropology teacher was from behind the iron curtain. She had told me many very interesting things about neandethals after class hours, since it was against the rules for her to talk about it openly. She figured based on her own work at dig sites throught Europe and Africa that neanderthals interbred with sapiens probably had pottery animal husbandry pitch and some form of resin and possibly rafts, woven clothing, and maybe worked metal. She also didn't believe that their diet was mostly meat based. Fast forward a few years and blam most of this ended up being discovered. She was a good teacher. BTW I look nothing like a mousterian Jew and posses many strange features saggital keel, diastema, H-O mandibular foramen, very large brow ridges, blonde hair but red on my face, blue eyes, and people often are surprised by my strength even though I am short statured and considered thin (but I live in the states and everyone is obese it seems) One of my brothers is O- and the other was born with vestigial gill slits! (He also has the biggest head I have ever seen and a massive occipital bun) My mother tested with high neanderthal DNA and I am currently waiting on mine

Sam said...

Tex said,"...Cro-Mags are missing two haplogroups originally connected to redheads, blue eyes and pale skin..."

I do remember you saying that now. I have read probably every post you have here. I've been commenting since at least Sunday, May 8, 2011 and I went back and read I think all of them.

I have a hard time with the idea that Cro-Mag is all pervading evil because I just don't see it. I see people with heads that look like Neanderthals committing most of the evil and Cro-Mag being timid and not calling them on it. Could be wrong but I'm not convinced. Especially about Cro-Mag raping all the Neanderthal women and then there being no mDNA. Yet all these other genes supposedly continue on. It would seem odd no mDNA female genes followed. Were all women offspring of Cro-Mag and Neanderthal women hideous? SO bad that none were kept? Once again Occum's Razor makes me suspect that's not true.

Grognard said...

@Sam - there is some question as to what cromag looks exactly are. They are probably more like what some particularly rugged nordic and irish people look like, but I think in cleve's mind they had a much different look.

I don't think there was any out of africa of any kind until recent times. I have heard him say much the same so I am not sure where they are supposed to have come from.

Chunkations said...


Plato said that there were 3 types of citizen in Atlantis
warrior,husbandmen and artisan.
robust neanderthal=husbandman
(animal lover)
amud neanderthal =artisan
(makes things)
But in atlantis the 3 types were kept apart as the warriors would bully everyone otherwise.