Thursday, January 22, 2015

Last Days Of The West

Stephen Fry Shows Off His New "Fiance"

I read this really good fictional book when I was younger, I can't remember the name of it.

It is about the son of a former Roman General who has been raised outside of the capitol who is called by special envoy to Rome after his father dies. He has grown up in isolation on a farm and his father has told him of the great majesty of Rome and how important it is to be loyal and patriotic to your country.

Before he begins his trip he is approached by a band of mercenaries who want to use his name to help them recruit from the Visigoths to form a war party to sack Rome to get back the wages they are owed from campaigns they fought in and were not paid because the treasury had gone bankrupt.

The book is about how as he gets closer and closer to Rome he realises just how degenerate and decadent it has become. The city is a terrible squalor of orgies and feasts when he arrives, people sleep in the streets like pigs and rise to go to the coliseum to eat and watch Christians thrown to the lions. The infrastructure is falling apart, clean drinking water can only be had from rainfalls and the sewage system has been hopelessly clogged for years.

There is this chapter where he reads about how all the ageing Senators parade off the boys they have purchased this year from the slave blocks and make them march around naked all the time in their homes. The protagonist meets one of them after he had gotten too old and is told how the Senator threw him out after he began to mature. This kid tells him how the real slave trade is in pederasty and every time the Romans conquer a province they ship half the children back to Rome to please the perverts there. He explains when the supply of fresh children runs short, powerful people pay some agents to stage a false flag to create a provocation so the Senators have an excuse to declare war on it and then steal the children from it. He claims this was the real reason they destroyed Carthage.

I don't know how much of this was true, as I said it was a fictional story. It sounded like the author knew what he was talking about.

This book reminded me strongly of Fellini's Satyricon.

At the end of it, the hero has grown so disgusted he leaves the city and heads north to find the mercenaries, intending to lead the sacking and pillaging of Rome when they come back with the barbarians from up north.

I had this book for years and finally sold it or gave it away and I can't remember the title of it. Bad or good, true or false, it affected me greatly before I knew more hard history about Rome but it always sounded like it had the ring of truth to me.


George Goerlich said...

What. the. fuck.

England is ruled by a bunch of pedophiles. Once Abraham leaves the city, maybe it'll sink into the ocean.

bicebicebice said...

Herman said...

Bread and circuses breed nothing but decadence, simplicity, blindness, and sciolism. The people are disconnected from the past and the future. We live in a cultureless void that praises the crude the crass and the opulent for no reason other than that they exist. If these observations are pointed out then the only response ever is to discredit the accuser rather than rationally argue the point. There definitely is a disconnect from Christ in the lands that harbored his beliefs for so many centuries. The west should be shameful for the PC culture and the abandonment of the ideals that made it great.

Phlebas the Phoenician said...

I had similar feelings for the author Gordon Rattray Taylor and his Doomsday Book. Such a prescient piece, considering it was published in 1970. Reading it first in the mid eighties, with all the happy hype of that period, it seemed strangely out of place. All these years later, I appreciate such depth of understanding regarding social decay.

Grognard said...

Publishing has been overrun with SJW nonsense for decades so I doubt you'll see anything with that much truthiness published any time soon. Sounds like a more extreme version of I, Claudius and Claudius the God which are my favorite books.

If you happen to remember the author let us know, it sounds like good reading.

Unknown said...

I wish you could remember the name of that book. It sounds pretty good.

cbenediccengi said...

"Homosexuality becomes publicly acceptable and spreads, as was the case among the ancient Greeks before Rome conquered them."

Let us not forget the high correlation between homos, pedophilia and mass murderers.

If you've ever been around hetero men when homos kiss, they just about vomit. Myself included.

As much as it kills me to admit it, Islam is the future; they're manlier and they have sense enough to keep their bitches in line.

Herman said...

I know it's unrelated but, Mr Blakemore have you heard of the Russian tactic of heating their northern ports with natural gas. I believe this may be the warmthinkerists source of supposed man made global warming, naturally resulting in melted ice in our beautiful pole while naturally not effecting the southern pole (which has grown quite substantially). Either way I don't see it stopping the milankovich cycle from freezing this planet as it naturally should be.

Ron said...


I'm also interested in this book. Can you remember anything else about it? The year you got it in, when you think the book might grave been published, etc...