Tuesday, January 20, 2015

How Do Melons Stay Melony?

They breed exclusively with their own kind for thousands upon thousands of years.

These "military men" are people who will send generation after generation of poor people's sons to their deaths in meaningless wars stretching back into antiquity. They use the word "noble" at least twenty times in this article - I've known many of these people up close and personal and if there is one word I would not use to describe their character, it is "noble." "Criminal psychopaths" is clinically accurate.

I guarantee you, almost all the people you see in these photos and their families have genes that can be traced back to the Vatican, the fallen tyrants of Sumeria and Akkadia, the ancient rulers of India when the events described in the Mahabharata (atomic war) took place and revolting, wicked schemers in the House of Borgia, the Franks, the evil reigns of Egyptian pharoahs and the people who dominated the drugs and slave trade going back untold millennia as they do to this day.

Why do they feel an innate right to rule? Well, they always have. The Lulus have always followed and seemed glad to do so.

What can a Neanderthal do when the Saps beast loves his captivity and puts his own bonds back on after some brave, courageous Neanderthals have broken them off and revolutionised the entire planet like in America? Such things only last a little while and then the melonheads move back in and take what is theirs - the natural law of the tyrants and all the mad killers and brutes throughout time … which is might makes right and I am right since I have the might.

They are so vain they required the author of this article to use the word "noble" in referring to them. They are the exact opposite in every way of the noble.

I have a whole life I could tell you about before I came to Australia. I was never anybody important or noteworthy or special or distinguished or even memorable … but I have waited hand and foot on so many of these people, fetched them coffee, made their appointments, listened to their insults and tolerated their wild rampages for which they paid me peanuts, slave wages. None of these people could even remember my name today, I would guarantee it. They didn't really see me. A Neanderthal is always a servant who stands to one side and people don't look at him. I was always watching them, every second, every waking instant. I was memorising everything they said and looking deep into their character at unguarded moments. I know so much about their kind but none of them ever really registered me. Just like the curse of Humbaba on Enkidu promised, to see the world through a veil but be unseen by anyone else. What none of those people knew about Neanderthals is that invisibility may be a curse but it is also considered a superpower in some quarters. I have observed so much in my life and people did not so much as glance at me since they figured I was some kind of idiot. They say many, many revealing things around such people because they think themselves alone.

If I told you all of this you would understand why I hate the melonhead. The majority of them simply have no virtues. Even their cunning is much overrated. They rule because they believe they deserve to and they let no laws, empathy or moral codes stand in their way. Many of them are extraordinarily decadent and degenerate people, largely because of this endless interbreeding. They have less good in them than any average person you might meet on the street who does not even suspect their existence somewhere high over his head in realpolitik. Their sole advantage lies in the fact that others see them but do not see them clearly for what they really are.

I'm sure you think I am exaggerating but I bet if I told you the places I have mopped floors in and carried tea trays you would think, Wow, Tex really did have a whole lifespan before he came to Australia. Just imagine Forrest Gump's unknown twin, Texas Gump, bouncing around in life like a ping pong ball off various celebrities in the most bizarre and unexpected situations.

You see all those West Point guys in the photos? Do you want to know the real reason I think they suddenly decided I was somebody and tried so hard to recruit me into the officer corp when I was in my last year of the military? I think some of the upper crust finally noticed me and they thought Holy Cow, I just realised that retard may be really, really bright. That guy has somehow been flying under the radar for most of his life. We may want to pull that guy into our fold if for no other reason than to keep an eye on him. A guy that bright might actually be able to upset our applecart someday. Let's get him a make-work job and tie up the rest of his life so we know where he is  and what he is doing. You can laugh if you want but I think that is exactly what was going through the heads of some of them. They were thinking, let's make sure that guy is working counterintelligence for our side and not somebody else's someday.

Here I am with my little blog. Probably 2 million hits just on the old site before I switched to this one.


Ron said...

Looked at the link and noticed this gem at the end:

I see nothing. I know nothing. Everything is true. I obey and compel others to obey. We are all individuals. Sure we are. Neanderthal try to help. Is futile. Saps is slave race. Melonhead is ruler race. Why get involved?

I'm picturing some movie-caveman type wearing furs and a carrying a club in one hand and holding a drop dead gorgeous - yet totally happy and contented girl by the hair in the other. Then turning around and lumbering back into a cave that has super advanced computer technology.

Ron said...

I really love this post.

Tex, I don't know if what you are saying is true or partially true, or total crap. But it is always AWESOME.

August said...

They should be smart enough to understand genetics- at least the bad situation they've got themselves into via interbreeding. I suppose one could argue that's what modern academia is for- the exclude intelligent non-melon men via this ruse of diversity.

I don't know. 23&me shut down a simple thread on Neanderthal dna % and IQ. We had people doing this drive-by you-can't-say-that-it-is-racist stuff. I started making fun of them after a while, and the community manager shut the damn thread down, right after one of these idiots made it extremely clear he was incapable of understanding a simple metaphor.

I say all that to say this- 23&me is run mostly by women, and intelligence has some value. Most of the arguments seem to be centered around pretending intelligence doesn't exist. And the protests seem out of proportion to the topic, most likely because if our suspicions are proven, then they've been making the wrong choices over the years.

Think about a little further in the future, where it is theoretically possible moms get their little ones genetically tested and then go around trying to find good matches- they could get an ideal match locked down and the kids betrothed before they are three, if they were serious about it.

So if the melons care, at all, about their future generations, neanderthals may soon receive better treatment.

automatthew said...

Here's an old depiction of a melon I stumbled across recently:

aeolipera said...

>Many of them are extraordinarily decadent and degenerate people, largely because of this endless interbreeding.

Evidenced by general ugliness in the photos.

Aspiekid said...

Is OCD a consequence of neanderthal genetics? I ask because some time ago I had a very bad crisis of pure-O scrupulosity (fear of hell to the point of wishing I could kill my soul-spirit and cease to exist like a beast). It took me a time to realize this because usually my OCD is more like a demon hissing clearly absurd (but distressing) things in my ear, thoughts I easily recognize as not mine. Also OCD is comorbid with Aspergers.

lysander said...

I agree with everything you wrote because I went though the same thing.

There's the "elite" melonhead-descended psychopaths and then there are the wannabe's. These are the useful idiots who worshipfully serve these bastards and try to emulate them in order to fit in and get ahead. My brother was one of those.

I believe that in the end, these wannabe's meet a terrible fate. My bother committed suicide before his 58th birthday for no apparent reason other than the fact that he was a total shit his whole life and I think he woke up that day, realized it, and gassed himself in his car.

I wonder how many of the suicides of bankers and such that we read about are not the case of being "suicided" to shut them up, but rather they were wannabe's who couldn't handle the consequences of their actions.

bicebicebice said...

KW Jackson said...

When I was young I used to think of LIFE as Liquid Intelligent Forensic Electricity. It was inquisitive by nature. In relation to bankers (melon-wannabes) suicides I interpet that as a sign of repression causing a catastrophic personality meltdown. If LIFE is liquid it will not be compressed (repressed) and will erupt through whatever cracks in the ego it can find. Clumsy metaphors, I'm sure, yet I felt compelled to share with Vault-Co readers.

Ave said...

OK, for once I don't agree : these are the selected Sapiens moron breed that you find in the upper floors of any organisation.

They're superficial (i.e. Extraverted in the MBTI sense) and not very bright. This is yet another social event for them to dwelve into chimpanzee antics (ohh look Everett is grooming Fiona !).

Melonhead manipulation would be diluted in the mass here. I believe Melonheads are Introverts that know exactly how to destabilise the flimsy Extroverted psyche and shape it to their will. But in order for this to work, they need privacy and remoteness, and all the other things extraverted people fear.

Ron said...


look at lysanders comment. For all the external advantages those people give, they have no love, and their followers become like them, empty of genuine love or compassion. They can only smile when they have used another person, they only know how to laugh when they've hurt someone else.

they are so toxic as people that a normal human being would prefer to be dead than to live like them, and his brother probably thought that was the only option, he probably lost hope because those people suck out all hope and joy. So no one can believe anything can ever be better.

When they leave this world, they will not even be allowed into Hell. Because that place is only for to remove the darkness from a soul so it can properly enjoy Heaven. But if you have no soul to begin with, then what is the point?

I know an autistic girl that has more emotional intelligence and innate love than a team of psychologists. I know another severely autistic boy whose mere presence makes everyone feel happy and loving. I don't dismiss your point, maybe you are right. But even if you are, maybe it's better to have a less intelligent yet more caring population.

Ron said...


Don't be afraid! Fight your fear and don't give into it! I go through that all the time. You must fight like a hero, do not quit. People quit because no one ever gives them encouragement. I'm telling you the truth, do not quit, God will help you if you fight!

The greatest sage said that "The world is a very narrow bridge, and the main thing is not to be afraid at all!"

That is the MAIN THING.

There is little honor and glory in having it easy. But when it is terrifying and horrible, if you choose to look your fear in the face and defy it, then I swear to you that God will be proud of you.

And think, how many people have the chance to thank God for their soul like you do? Most people don't have these fears. But you can make a very powerful statement in the universe like no one else. You can say that for all your terror and horror you still appreciate the good of having a soul and you would never give it up because it is the gift that allows you to love God like a son loves his father. That is a incredible act of courage and love!

God promised that even if we end up in hell, we can still find Him there, He will never abandon you. Do not ever give up!

Grognard said...

Texas Gump would be the best movie ever made.

styrac1 said...

NjordDanuson said...

Ahhh the lulu whooping it up all night just like in the old days when they made so much noise it was impossible to get a decent nights sleep even way on top of a ziggarut.The more things change the more they stay the same....

Aspiekid said...


Thanks for your encouragement. Unless I find some magic that allows me to suicide my soul I have no option but keep fighting or self-deceiving me (convert to atheism). But even if the fear is always with me it was a cult-like web I found weeks after losing a loved one what caused the crisis I was talking about.

Is this quote from Nachman of Breslov? Are you jewish?

Actually I don’t want honor and glory, only a peaceful house and a loving Father. I will love God more if He assures me to be merciful even if I fall.

You seem to hold the purgative (universalist) view of hell (“remove the darkness”), but I have in mind the literal eternal torture preached in most christianity. So my issue is not having a soul, but that it is so immortal that not even eternal 3rd decree burnings and carnivore worms can kill it (unless annihilationist are right). This makes immortality the worst curse, God a cosmic tyrant, heaven a golden slavery, hell the cruelest gulag and cessation of existence the best blessing. So the issue is if God loves me as His son or if He simply wants me to kneel as His slave.

Yes, but what relief will give us His hateful presence as a cruel torturer who never satiates His anger?

PS: after reading the edenist theory I began thinking that most “mental illness” that hits only smart introverted people are actually neanderthal traits maladaptative in a sapiens world. I have just diagnosed OCD and AS but I have many symptoms of SPD and STPD, like asexuality and daydreaming. Since all these are comorbid, maybe I’m just a lonely neanderthal.

Herman said...

It must be done

KW Jackson said...

Melony rituals?