Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Disconnecting The Display From The Hardware

Busy right now, want to post a lot of stuff but have too much going on. I'm supposed to be in bed now.

Playing with the HP-UX operating system on my 9000 Superdome and seeing that the primary display is totally unhooked (X-Windows, connected over ethernet!) got my mind spinning about my basic architecture for VOS. Whoever thought of the X-Windows systems was brilliant. It was light years beyond Micro$oft Windows three decades ago.

If I ever get this new version with PHP compiled in (PH7 library) I was contemplating running a PHP daemon that drove the UI which would be a .DLL or external module (I know how to compile .DLLs cross-platform even under DOS-16 bit) and offering the monitor as a configuration option - click here to see the text windowing UI pop up for Vault-OS or here to see a graphic UI. Or neither on memory limited machines that only need some kind of console output (could be to serial display.)

I have already figured out how to make the protocols a plug-n-play option from the menu but if the UI was disconnected as well you could have the capacity to write your own display drivers of sorts, even if you were running the code on Arduino or an ARM-7 mini board.

I've learned a lot since 15 years ago when I wrote the first version of Vault-OS in Visual Basic for DOS. An awful lot. I think I know how to do it right on the next iteration.


Jake said...

You are amazingly lucky to have gotten that HP!
I am somewhat frustrated, Tex, that you haven't commented on the latest false-flag operation in Paris.
Tex: will NO NATION defend themselves from these psy op attacks? Is there not one patriot left in the French intelligence services?
Is there really no hope?
I notice that a police chief in France suddenly committed suicide before submitting his report... perhaps he was going to blow the whistle?
When will an honest intelligence officer, who is also smart enough to avoid using electronic communications before he blows the whistle, step up to the plate?
Or is it just too late to save Western civilization?
They are upping the pace, as they realize that the sheep believe every event is real, no matter how poorly it is staged.
Really disgusting.

Texas Arcane said...


I tried to talk to some people at work about it, how utterly fake it was.

They were telling me all these things they saw. I told them what they actually saw and what their minds made up. For example, I showed them two guys in masks. Could be anybody. The newspapers always had the two pictures of these Arabs below it. They would swear they had seen the faces of these men at the scene.

I also tried pointing out how ridiculous it is to think one of the terrorists dropped his photo ID with recent renewal at the scene of the crime.


You could get yourself committed talking this way, Jake, whether it makes sense or not. Humans don't have to make sense of things. They just want to be told what they should think.

Jake said...

I know, Tex. I was just venting.

I hate to be repetitive, but don't you find it odd there are no patriots left in large nation states like France? De Gaulle stood up to the US and NATO (he left NATO), and there were over 30 assassination attempts against him. He had guts.

Where are these independent men?
If there are none left, then there is literally no hope, and all we 'thals can do (I know now that I am one. It got to be over -24 C here, and I felt great - invigorated, as though this is my natural habitat), is to hunker down and try to survive, while creating parallel cultures and communities that simply reject the mainstream.
How nasty will the herd come after us, though, when they see us in our homes around the woodstove, while they are freezing, because they have no backup? When they see us eating venison from our hunts? Etc.
Anyway, the more details come out ,the more obvious it is that the Paris thing was a total scripted hit. Of course, I don't know who is responsible, but I have my suspicions.
And yes, the more honest I am about my views, the more I am accused by being mentally ill.

Sitara said...

@Jake: Yes that Police Comm. suicide on the same date or around the attacks in Paris was suspicious to be honest. Yes suicides are becoming more and more common, but this guy was a police commissioner, someone really high up and to do it right when he was needed most/most in the spotlight...

Let's just say I don't believe in coincidences. Like a duo of pretty well trained 'Islamists' attacking a publisher of a cartoon published back in 2006 (and later in 2011 I think). All conveniently caught on shaky cell phone cam too.

Netanyahu's smug smirk while standing with the other EU leaders in the Paris rally a few days ago really speaks volumes. I do believe France had recently voted positively on a Palestinian resolution, while before they had always voted pro Israel.

@Texas Arcane: I have been wondering since you mentioned your cool new super computer, is it possible to make any games on it? I had always assumed the reason such powerful computers are not used to make video games is simply because there would be no market, because 99.99% of people won't have computers powerful enough to play them.

But is it possible though, to make a game on such a computer that would be leagues ahead of any currently available PC or console game?