Thursday, January 8, 2015

Big News On The Weekend About Vault-OS

Do you know the sorts of dreams that nerds like myself have in their innermost secret fantasies?

Well, that dream is about to come true. I did not pray to God for it because I thought with all the people suffering in the world the last thing I should be doing is asking God for anything but health, strength and good fortune. Nevertheless, it would appear somebody somewhere was determined to see my utmost fantasy come true.

In addition to the research and development lab I am setting up in the shed out back this year for Vault-OS, it looks like I got the one thing I believed would never come my way.

I am getting an honest-to-goodness bonafide supercomputer tomorrow, God willing. Nope ... you're thinking I'm talking about a nice gaming machine or maybe a good specs consumer device.

Nope. To continue my research on Vault-OS, a secret benefactor has seen to it I will be able to work on a real live supercomputer. I will reveal all on the weekend. It is the most incredible thing you have ever seen.

I have always dreamed of having a supercomputer in the batcave to rival that of the caped crusader's and it looks like it is going to happen. Nobody is more shocked than I am. There are an awful lot of interesting things you can do in computing research if you have a supercomputer at your disposal. An awful lot of interesting things. For example, just to intrigue you. I may actually be mounting a virtual environment for every single target machine of Vault-OS on every device out there and compiling and running unit tests for all of them at the same time. I will still have about 99.99999994% capacity left in both ram, storage and speed after I do that. It is computer power to waste.

Where on earth did that small timer wannabe get a computer system like that?? I don't even have anything in the batcave that runs at terahertz! That Neanderthal drives me up the wall! He's so smug!


Russell said...

Jerk :)

Get machine learning tools on your supercomputer. I recommend Python's robust ecosystem, scikit-learn,, etc.

Also, install R and Rstudio and get some of their packages over at They have a ton, get whatever interests you. If you don't know R, I suggest learning it. It's very powerful statistic and data analysis tool.

For more scientific computing, I suggest GNU Octave, a open source MATLAB.

That'll give you a ton of tools for scientific, statistical and machine learning.

Get some big data sets. Run every ML algorithm at once.

Then you might have another one billionth of your processing power used :)

BTW, all this stuff can be installed on a run of the mill computer.

Henry said...

Sounds good, Tex.

btw, a couple of weeks ago someone on Reddit referred to themselves as a "Neanderthal-American".

Maybe you are having an effect!

Easy to save, figured I would mention it here. It was in a thread about SNL's Asian-american doll parody.

Grognard said...

Time to crack out the ole fortran code.

Mex Arcane said...

Sounds like a new arms race.