Friday, January 9, 2015


Top theoretical limit with parallel processing per task may clear 1792 GFlops with my cluster configuration. Ran some benchmarks with Tower of Hanoi that were reporting 796 Gflops per second on single processes.

I honestly barely know enough about supercomputing to know where that falls. I think it is pretty good for 2015.

I hacked into my own Unix my first night. Initially the root user password was set to something I wasn't told but I used an ancient trick to boot into ISL prompt and reset all my passwords.

I'm just discovering what is on there through investigation. It is a fully loaded piece of hardware.


Anonymous Conservative said...

I know you know more than me about all of this, but might that piece of hardware need to be contained somehow, lest it have some sort of Trojan Horse on board, designed to gather vault-related intel?

There is a lot of stuff I have been made aware of lately, which would make me immediately assume such a gift was actually a Trojan Horse, loaded with intel gathering tools from sound to rf, designed to give someone fuller access to my operations.

I have recently been told some things about the extent to which the powers that be are going to gather intel on those who do not kneel down. Apparently, surveillance works best when you apply it to an individual who would never think themselves important enough to warrant the scale of surveillance you bring to bear. You can literally park a truck with a cherry picker outside their house, with a guy in the bucket pointing a video camera with a boom mic at their house, and they will find some rational reason for the truck and peep to be doing that, rather than become one of those crazies, and assume they are under government surveillance.

You are dangerous, you need to be careful.

KW Jackson said...

@Tex, is that single or double precision gflops?
If it's single, then its about a seventh of a current generation high-end consumer video card. If it's double then it's about triple the performance of the same unit.

Texas Arcane said...


Single. I can't look a gift horse in the mouth. It is pretty good for what I paid for it.

Texas Arcane said...


The initiative to get it came on my end and it was at just another company I was contracting at. It was due to end up in a landfill a week from now if I hadn't spoken to management and negotiated for it.

Texas Arcane said...


If somebody had come up to me out of the blue and offered it to me I would not have taken it for the reasons you listed.

This was not recognized as being worth anything by the people who had it. It is a pretty powerful machine but they no longer had any place for it.

Anonymous Conservative said...

Yeah, I assumed you'd be way ahead of me, but I felt I had to pipe up, just on the small chance I was mistaken.

Stay paranoid. I'm not sure how bad it is in your parts, but from what I hear, things are heating up stateside, to an extent I am having trouble believing it. Innocent guys who are extraordinarily small potatoes are reporting seeing very strange things which you would think would be reserved for real problems. I guess they get their advantage by not waiting until you expect they would show up.

You probably knew all this twenty years ago, but it is big news to me.

Stay safe.

n-ikaido said...

New chemicals in plastics used for food packaging found even worse than the previous endocrine disrupting bisphenol A. Much worse.

Surely one would have to be an idiot to think it was accidental/bad luck and not intended. It looks like a project that was iterated over and over until they found the right amount of poisoning to achieve a specific goal.

n-ikaido said...

There's also this :

Grognard said...

Elf holes. I have to wonder how these were even made. By someone who dug them lying on their side? That seems wildly implausible.

KW Jackson said...

They were probably made by children. :-(