Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Third Hominid

That'd be the one giving most of the orders around here the past million years.

Also known as "those who wish not to be named" and "the ones who go unchallenged."

They have not liked others to speak of them for tens of thousands of years. They order, others obey but they instinctively seek the obscurity of the shadows. It is natural and innate behaviour to them. This is why they have the habit of quietly making the evidence vanish over the years until none is left.

(Read until the bottom of the page to make sure you see the Detmold child and other infant skulls. Too young for head binding, exact same emerging shape. Rather than head binding causing these "deformations," we should be asking why parents were willing to deform their children's heads to make them look this way worldwide. They were trying to improve their chances for upward mobility.)

I'd bet anything that the melonheads had a love-hate relationship with Neanderthals because I have such a deep understanding of the psychology of my own kind. We excel as servants …  people fear us as possible competitors if we "forget our place."


theepilgrim said...

Larger eyes imply they were/are mostly nocturnal or crepuscular. Possibly this is the origin of the vampire myth? People who feed off the blood of others and skulk around in the shadows, using speechcraft to seduce and charm the unwitting.

Ron said...

Well, that would explain a lot about the abduction stories we keep hearing about.

Texas Arcane said...



Texas Arcane said...


Now they have discovered people in Europe staked and beheaded as "vampires" who we also learn were the ruling classes.

Could this myth of "risen vampires" have come into existence from them often faking their deaths, changing their names and reappearing with a new identity?

NjordDanuson said...

Vampires had a mark upon them it was the ability to drink cows milk .The tillers of the soil have a mark upon them also from there father cain the ability to eat grains.One line literaly lived off milk and honey a shepard the other line a farmer who lived off the blood of his brother and does so till this very day..

bicebicebice said... we got a live one! I also like Herman Van Rompuy, poster boy for starchild, i would not buy sweets from that man.

Merry christmas everybody at vault-co \o/!