Saturday, December 27, 2014

Strategic Relocation

If you've never seen this it is mandatory viewing.

I am sorry Alex Jones is hosting this but the other guy might as well be speaking on my behalf. I agree with every single word he said. His father was a great man and the two of them have been fighting for fifty years. It was so refreshing to hear another person reach the exact same conclusions I have independently.

The real motive for unrestricted immigration is simply to put some warm bodies in between yourself and people's well justified wrath and then get them fighting each other. You can make good your escape while they do so.

It makes a perfect cover with strife aboveground and a nuclear war approaching to keep the sheeple busy while you work on your own deep rock shelter to survive.


Herman said...

As a plus you can hire the illegals to build the deep rock shelter!

cbenediccengi said...

Third World immigration has many uses.

1. white genocide
"Europe will be a nation of negroids and asiatics, ruled over by us, the Jews" - Count Johannes Kalergi-Coudenhove, 1925. Bolshevik.
2. Using said population as an excuse for police state, as ZOG manufactures 'internal enemies'. The current DHS is identical to the 1920's NKVD. Just replace White Russian with Constitutionalist.
3. Spark off race/culture war to completely dismantle Western Civ/White Race. Racism is natural, the Blank Slate dumb fucks, be damned.

They did some awful things that are morally reprehensible; and as much as no one wants to admit it, the only solution to all of this has been tried before, and the peoples of Europe destroyed each other in defense of their masters.
"We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children" - 14/88

The white race will go down in history as the only people to genocide themselves. The biggest back stabbers being white women.

This bitch got exactly what she deserved.

Jake said...

@Tex: I know a lot of people dislike A. Jones - I used to really find him grating. But my view is now more nuanced: he has serious faults in terms of his analysis, but he has the redeeming quality of not really filtering his guests and callers.
I know think that he is someone who does seek the truth, and is very open. He is certainly courageous to do what he does.
Question for you: despite his obvious flaws, isn't he doing good by making people think about the obvious false-flags, the plots of the sociopathic elites, the gun-grabbers, etc.?
Finally, why hasn't the establishment taken him out yet? One of my red-lines, or trip-wires is just that: the day they take out Jones is the day we decamp for the rural redoubt or emigrate. When they try to decapitate the leadership and public figures, you know they are about to start a Stalinesque purge.

dé bile said...

1. He looks like one of your melonheads. At least. from the examples you provided. Obviously very charismatic, successful economically, smart.

2. Why none of this happened in the cold war already? Why now and not before. My seniors often remind me that these sorts of talks, just as serious and documented, were already common place. Radio stations, experts... there was a big focus on the red menace, the government turning against the citizens...

The cold war was the perfect moment to pull this. Why wait for a new third player, china, even more dangerous, to put their plan into action?

3. Why would he be allowed to be so successful and go on Alex Jones ? He could be easily shut down, by your own logic (mine as well). Or at least be ignored by every single medias. But really he could be shut down, even using legal, barely opaque means.

Heck what if it's all just part of a scheme to get us all moving to these economically stagnant areas to revitalise them :P