Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Nuclear War Now The Biggest Threat Facing Mankind

 Russia would win and Kwanstainia would lose.

The majority of politicians are mirror images of the people who voted them into office. They're morons who don't know much of anything about thermonuclear warfare other than "we'd all die." Well, if you're talking about the United States, you're probably right. Most of you would. It's never the end of the world, it's always just the end of you, Kwanstainia.

Those Sunday supplements I read in the 1960's had one pictorial showing a bunch of tie-dye long-haired hippies cavorting in a party in the "far-flung year 2016" and they were all drunk. The caption read (roughly) "Military expenditures and staffing drop sharply in quality for America's nuclear readiness and the population has completely ignored civil defense, living only for sensation and impulse gratification." These pictures lead up to showing how World War 3 would begin. I still insist that the authors of these newspaper features I read as a six year old were nothing short of prophetic. The men who wrote these pieces had a keen insight into human nature that is completely absent today. Again and again, they insisted the real war was with the decline and degeneration of the U.S. from the inside, before it was annihilated from the outside.


Eric Green said...

Ron Paul argues that the USA has already declared war on Russia. Certainly H.R. 758 is the craziest pile of lies and absurdities I can remember them having puked up, but then again Congress doesn't even read the bills they pass since they "trust their leadership" (

Dude, we just voted to nuke Russia? It's all good, brah! YOLO!

NjordDanuson said...

The Varangian Rus vs the village people in a no holds smack down cage match set in a - 50 nuclear winter wonderland arena formerly known as canukistan and kwanistan...