Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Neanderthal Neuromuscular Control And Leverage

I don't want people to think I am boasting but bear with me and I have something really important to convey to you.

Believe me or not my real motive is this : I'm a fifty-two year old broken down overweight old man and all the advice I ever got in the gym from Saps was garbage. I mean, everything. So I have always brooded and wondered … what if I had somebody like me as a coach when I was 27? What could I have accomplished? Somebody to tell me things I would not quite understand until I was much older.

I will try to get my point across as succinctly as I can.

Saps trains Neanderthals to think they are no stronger than Saps. He brainwashes them before they even reach maturity into what their limitations are.

Guess what? It's all bullish*t. Those aren't your limitations at all.

Without steroids, with mere adequate sleep and nutrition, guys like us have a destiny to get much stronger than ordinary people. The only thing standing in their way is this mental block that makes you think you are not capable of much more. I wouldn't tell you this if you didn't have the genetic potential. Chances are if you are expressing Neanderthal genes … you do. Those same genes make you curious about the kinds of things we write here on Vault-Co. Saps isn't interested in any of this crap - it is your genes that compel you to come here because it strikes a chord in you.

Last week, after a 9 day break (seems so long it would be certain to lead to atrophy and loss of strength, right?) I was curling 248 pounds on the Lifestream machine for 14 reps. Nobody was more surprised than I was. I could not believe I had gotten stronger after not training for 9 days. It seemed ridiculous.

This is the whole stack on the machine here in Australia plus two cheater plates and two stack ballast bars. Around the 11th rep, the gym where I was training was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. The trainer in the office had turned down the stereo and said to me through the glass window, "That's awesome, dude. That is really inspirational. I have never seen anyone do that before." When was I groaning at the very top with the 14th rep, he asked me if I could hold it in place while he took a selfie with both of us in the frame. "So awesome, bro. Seriously. How old are you?"

Now listen to this part. It's really important.

I have been stuck doing 4-8 reps with 204 pounds on these same machines for nearly two years. Sometimes I am up a rep. Sometimes I am down a couple. Same weight for nearly two years solid.

Only one good thing has happened during that time.

About three weeks ago I started to daydream about being much stronger than I am now. I vividly imagined myself overcoming this sticking point and despite being too old for progress, I saw in my mind's eye myself sitting on that machine and lifting this seemingly impossible weight. I kept telling myself, I am a Neanderthal. I am not old. I am middle-aged. I am just now coming into my prime, not twenty years ago. I kept thinking it and visualising it. Saps is in his prime at 25 and I kept telling myself, my kind reaches the peak of their strength much later. We are still children at twenty-five. I kept thinking, We are different. I am different. Even though it seems impossible, I am suddenly going to experience an all new burst of strength because that is what happens to Neanderthals when they reach maturity. I saw in my mind's eye me stacking all those additional weights onto the machine and vividly saw myself lifting the whole thing.

Draw your own conclusions. Crazy or not, I trained myself to believe these things through an active repetition all day long. I was sort of thinking of Koanic Soul's constant promotion of positive affirmations when I started to do it.

If you're Homo Saps and you're fifty, give up because your life is over. You were probably never that strong to begin with - ever - and will only go downhill after 25 years old.

If you're a Neanderthal, don't believe the propaganda. It is all in your head. You are causing your own sticking points because you think that is your limitation. It isn't. It is part of the social mechanism for enforcing fake equality between two different species in the same gene pool. The reason they mastered the Neanderthal 40,000 years ago is that they were able to train him to believe in many, many false things having no other frame of reference. Almost all of it is pure baloney.

If you need an example from history, think of the Greeks who were forced to live as slaves under Roman culture. They were taught to think they were somehow inferior in some way despite all the evidence piling up for the opposite conclusion the entire time. The fact is, life as a slave under the Roman yoke yielded a lot of Greeks who had false ideas about their own place in life and their limitations. They forgot their amazing history and after a while, many of them probably started to think Greeks had always been on their knees obeying Romans. The Greeks were capable of so much more than they understood. The Romans liked them that way.


Lazer said...

Ditch your MP3 player and try with industrial earplugs instead.

First day I did this I realized how much the music helps with focus, but its a trap and you cant go as far. I wound up pushing myself so hard with just mental fortitude alone I almost threw up in the sink. This was at the tail end of an 18 hour fast as well.

styrac1 said...

Herman said...

I was always told i'd never be strong Free weights, compound barbell lifting and calisthenics. Good form is founded in biology and physics. Even then 90% is mental (if you have the genes) turns out the doctors coaches and teachers were wrong. Also fuck crossfit

The Slow Blade said...

I've been increasing my skeletal mass by modulating the carbon dioxide content of my tissues, through a combination of breath retention techniques and inhaled sodium bicarbonate solution. I will try these mental techniques you mentioned. I wonder if they can have a similar effect on skeletal robustness like they do on muscular strength. Perhaps my osteoblasts will slowly respond to the ordering electromagnetic field of my thoughts.

two miles said...

This is true. It works with practicing musical instruments as well. Carefully and thoroughly envisioning the practice yields more gain with less wear and tear.

Off topic: Tex, have you seen the video of a leopard seal offering a diver a penguin?

Chris from Sydney said...

Merry Christmas guys, as a special treat here's a video of High Priest David Suzuki getting hammered on globowarm-ism, in Australia of all places.

I'll try the technique you mentioned Tex. Hopefully I'll remember to let you know how I went in a few months, I think you're onto something.

Chris from Sydney said...

Damn I forgot to actually link to the Suzuki video.
Here it is.

KW Jackson said...

It goes beyond just lifting and controlling yourself. You can bring people, events, and resources into your life with the same thinking. There are caveats and as a 'Thal you will automatically know what they are.

Slampropp said...

According to Mike Mentzer,
the body's ability to expend energy increases faster than the ability to recover. Thus as a trainee advances, the period he must rest to reach full recovery increases. For advanced body builders, that period approaches ~9 days.

I want to suggest an alternate perspective, that if you have avoided long rests in between sessions for fear of muscle atrophy, you have never before trained in a fully recovered state.


Here's a video for anyone who wants to see what the supposed thal superiority looks like in practice. The "weightlifter" fellow is on par with his competition, despite being 20 kg (!) lighter. At first I could hardly believe what I saw.

deadman said...

Long story short; I've had the exact same fitness test for over 10 years.

Now granted I didn't do much exercise in my early 20's as opposed to now, yet gauging the results from that same fitness test; I can prove that I'm more fit & fatigue much less today than I did 10 years ago.

Plus, having never wasted my time with the foolish past-times of the glorified gibbering monkey's (no excessive alcohol, partying, smoking, sun tanning), people frequently mention that I look much younger than what I am.

I agree with Tex. So much is in the genes.

- deadman

Herman said...

I wonder what the average strength of a melon is/was. I know they tend to be taller. I also wonder about the erectus folk out in Asia

Ave said...

>"I saw in my mind's eye me stacking all those additional weights onto the machine and vividly saw myself lifting the whole thing."

Pretty much the whole idea of that "Unbreakable" movie with Bruce Willis. ( )
Also, the black guy plays the role of a Melonhead LOL

styrac1 said...

You might have come across this already but just in case you haven't: Rdos Neanderthal theory

What do you think of the 23andme Neanderthal heritage estimator and particularly the results in relation to the Aspie quiz that suggest that Aspergers is 2 million years old and evolved much earlier than the Neanderthals? Could the existence of Neanderthals be pushed that back?

Bart Williams said...

Dude that's interesting the whole maturity later thing I am more muscular now than at 30 and I'm 42. I'm like 205 5'7" and like 15% body fat--yeah like the baseball legend Hack Wilson who has one of the only unbroken records from the golden age of baseball (Babe Ruth era). I literally have the exact skeleton of neanderthal man (I'm white, celtic/german). My son is only 2 but he is the size of a big 4 yr old and he has signs of aspergers/autism. He plays in parks and sapien kids start squealing when he gets close to them and (4 and 5 and 6 year olds) and gang up on him in fear. They are a bit pathetic, really. But, yeah they try to keep you down, like when I played baseball they said my bat was illegal because I hit so hard. I wasn't championed, I was vibed, I internalized their fear bullshit and didn't (fully)actualize myself athletically until recently. I now (for 27 years) surf but I have realized because of my strength and leverage I need to use boards similar to what Samoans use. Also I was rated in the top 2% of intelligence as a child and my best friend was the son of an astrophysicist. He had Asperger syndrome and was picked on prior to my befriending him but he was fine when with me and I didn't even need to raise my voice. Yet this is hindsight I was unaware at the time of my influence.