Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Is There A Doctor Not In This House?

Survival rates improve dramatically when accredited doctors are not available.

The problem with throwing their medicines out the window is that the birds might eat them.


Ryan David G said...

Out of interest, how did you handle it when your kids were ill, Cleve? Did you risk a doctor or find some form of shaman who was free of melonhead brainwashing? Or do those 'Thal genes prevent all illness in your bloodline?

Texas Arcane said...

There you go subtly menacing children again. A great racket holding babies hostage. "Worship and pay me or this baby gets it!"

Yet somehow people scraped by just fine without these useless cranks for a million years. How.did they ever do it? Only scienmajistics protects babies from germ phantoms with antibiotic exorcism.

Simon said...

This video reminded me instantly of your indiegogo video, Tex.

The voice is a ringer. He's pretty funny, too.

Amy said...

I know you're looking for the real answer, Ryan, but I can tell you what I've done, and will continue to do, when the kids or anyone in the house gets sick. And I take my cue dog.

Plenty of rest, even if you feel like moving around. If it's warm and bright enough, rest outside to get sunshine. Plenty of fluids too, especially bone broth - chicken soup with lots of garlic and parsley in it really is medicine, keeps you hydrated and boosts the immune system. A warm bath in Epsom's salts and daily changing of clothes and sheets. And more fluids. And vitamin C in tolerable doses depending upon the age/weight of the person in question.

I don't oppose antibiotic therapy but it is a last resort when other means of fighting illness have failed. Usually, I don't have to resort to Abx. Allopathic medicine is not always wrong or faulty, but it can be overused and is often worshiped as the only resort of the ill and the ill-informed.