Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Is Human Speech An Innate Potential In The Beluga?

The very clever Beluga may be a special operations worker from Atlantis. It is possible it was a domesticated animal 50,000 years ago bred by humans to help with tasks underwater.

Neither one of the reporters realises this is freeform mimicry, very different from a lyrebird or a parrot. The dolphin is not imitating speech it has heard as a kind of echo, it is imitating human speech itself.

A diver in a suit like that worn by the fish-god Oannes could have an annunciator that would send his own speech through the water to the Beluga and the Beluga could speak back. They might not discuss philosophy but they might be able to communicate specific actions to each other. "Go and fetch me that tool," or "Hold this while I screw this down," or "Haul that net of fish back to the airlock."

These animals love humans, seem to want to interact with humans and appear to be equipped with all kinds of special qualities that enable them to work together alongside humans. This is true of so many marine mammals, like the dolphin and the seal.

Crazy, you're thinking. I'm thinking, why would a whale ever need the capacity to swim backwards? Moving around complex human architecture underwater as construction duties, the beluga would need the ability to swim forward into tight places and then back out.

Oannes, The Fish God Who Taught Mankind the arts of civilisation and said he lived on the floor of the ocean with others like him and they created lifeforms. A universal story common to all the known races and nations of mankind. All these shared myths mention the fact he was red haired. In South America he was called Quetzocoatl and the first thing he did when he came out of the water was tell the locals to stop eating human flesh, it was a terrible evil. Quetzocoatl hailed from "Aztlan" in the ocean and he christened his new converts the "Aztecs" for this reason. Note that Oannes is greek for Uannu, the Sumerian name for one of the many sons of Enkidu who were the builders of great monuments and civilisers of the whole world.


Your Friendly Neighbourhood 'Thal said...

Hey Tex, what do you think of another very common motive - humans being unable to eat or drink in the realms of gods under the threat of severe punishments? Seems to be present in almost all known mythologies, from the story of Garden of Eden, through Greek and Summerian myths, to the Celtic notions of Fairyland. Seems like something with a deeper meaning, possibly lost after milennia.

scipio afircanus said...

The way the shadows fall on his face, he looks like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

Gotta love that!

Amy said...

Maybe. I've swum with dolphins. They understand us, and it's more than just looking for us to throw a fish.

Same with my dog. My dog, if I'm having a bad day? He's says screw it, I'm having a bad day too. And we'll sit and commiserate together 'til it passes. Good day? Same thing, we celebrate it with equal goofiness.

I'm beginning to think that we've done all of this before, and that about 99% of the knowledge we once possessed is now lost, and we're just trying to re-create it with dim shadow representations of what we think might have been. We can only see what we want to see, what we've taught our eyes and hearts and minds to perceive through the lens of "science" and not of mystery, and God.