Thursday, December 4, 2014

Ferguson Was Classic Cointel

I knew it after reading about the case for 15 minutes.

The cops have been killing Americans like flies with impunity for the past couple of years. It is rapidly becoming a major cause of death in the 'Stain.

There are plenty of powderkeg incidents like when they killed Eric Garner in cold blood on film for selling loose cigarettes in front of a dozen witnesses. You'll note that the mass media didn't seem to be interested in picking up these kinds of stories. Too obvious it was a street execution for a misdemeanour and the thing was caught on film.

… then the Ferguson case comes along. A classic courtroom example of self-defence by a police officer. No way it would pass an honest jury. Overwhelming evidence this officer had no other choice. The perp was trying to get his gun.

Why did they blow this case up to scandalous proportions? To generate a riot when the case got dismissed. It would make black people look ridiculous and stir all kinds of animosity up against them. They could stage phoney riots with just a couple of people to try to make it look like it was chaos. The protestors themselves caught a dozen white guys trying to incite the riot and setting fires in the crowd. At least two of them when cornered admitted they were Israelis on visas.

The next time somebody tries to get coverage of a cop murdering someone in cold blood, they have trained the public to think "This will be like that case in Ferguson. Probably an overreaction to some guy getting shot by the police because they had no choice." They win immunity for a thousand murders in coming years at the hands of the police with just one psy-ops presentation.

No? Think I'm paranoid? Why did the FBI stop recording police homicides as homicides in 2007?

I watched the "Let The Fire Burn" documentary tonight about the aerial bombing with munitions on squatters in Philadelphia in 1985. America didn't care and the government started to feel invulnerable so a couple of years later they did it right and exterminated an entire church of people at Waco with recklessness that would have shocked the Gestapo. Again, no charges laid. Army tanks tearing the building apart and snipers shooting unarmed people trying to run out with their hands up to escape the flames. First they tested it on MOVE in Philly, then on a bigger scale in Waco. Now it is ready to deploy throughout the entire country. The cops have all the hardware needed to kill anybody anywhere anytime they want. The government and media are running defense for them in advance with street theatre like the baloney outrage at Ferguson.


August said...

Yes. I started blogging about this once the autopsy report came out- because they picked this one on purpose. See, this is a media campaign designed to encourage wealthier people to think they want a more militarized police. It will probably go beyond police at some point, with various Military Industrial Complex types running HOA defense systems. The Israeli elites figured it out- the conflict with the Palestinians helps them control their own population, and it is good for business (the 'defense' industry).

Jake said...

That's why I'm getting out of this shithole (the USA).
For those of us who are lucky enough to have a good job (I do, in IT), it is a gilded cage.

My wife told my brother at Thanksgiving that we were thinking of getting out, and he told me we are nuts to think of leaving the good ole USA.

Then there is the fact that nuclear war is very likely, and therefore most of the largest US cities would be toast.

The police state hasn't really affected the middle class yet, but when it does, it may be too late to get out.

KW Jackson said...

If you can't leave the USA at least go to the pacific northwest.

n-ikaido said...

The Eric Garner video is one of the most disgusting thing I've seen and one of the most glaring evidence of cops being allowed to murder in broad daylight.

The victim was fat, unarmed and clearly not capable of showing any amount of serious resistance. There were a dozen cops on the scene. Yet one of these cops felt like it was necessary to maintain a Choke Hold, a posture that is meant to kill (they are the same thing as a gun. Guns don't always kill, but when you shoot, you do it with the idea that it might lead to death.), and kept the hold even AFTER the victim passed out? This FUCKING pig should be tarred, feathered and be set on fire.

The fact that no one reacted after the video had been made public shows how apathetic the american public has become. That video would have been grounds for an actual revolt if there was any shred of human instinct left in these people.

Sam said...

The choke hold was bad the latest shooting of the 12 year old in Cleveland is an abomination and lest you be confused I'm in no way inclined to like Black people at all. Shooting children immediately is wrong. I've seen the security camera and they just shoot him with no threat at all. I've seen a video with the radio overlaid and the cop says the kid was 20 years old. Even with a crappy security camera picture I can tell it's a little kid. He looks even younger than 12. Many years ago I would have thought you were nutty by suggesting the Michael Brown coverage was for nefarious purposes but now it doesn't bother me to think this way. Have to see what happens about the 12 yo. Bet it doesn't get near the coverage.

Aspiekid said...

I agree with you, but how to reconcile rebellion against government with Romans 13:1-6 and 1 Peter 2:13-19 among others? Since early christians lived under a tyrant like Nero, the Bible seems to teach that we are forbidden to disobey unjust authority unless it orders unbiblical things, and then we only are allowed to submit meekly to any penalty like Daniel and his mates did in Babylon.

Jake said...

The police in the USA have been completely Israelianized.
Is that a word? It should be.
Here's the problem: to the police in the USA now, almost everyone is a Palestinian.
In small town America, you might get lucky - there are still real small town cops and sheriffs around, but they are being inexorably displaced by Federalized goons and brainwashed by military training and concepts.
So we all need to get out while we can, or form communal (not communistic! :) ) enclaves in remote areas. The problem with that is that if you are a successful community of like-minded thals and freedom-lovers, you stand a good chance of being noticed and Waco-ized.

Texas Arcane said...


All the cops in New York are trained about choke holds on black people. They know that a choke hold that won't even hurt a white man will collapse the veins in a black man's neck in a few seconds. They are all taught this. I watched them bring it up in a forum one time in New York.

That cop knew perfectly well he was killing that guy. Don't let anybody tell you different. The cop was a mean, hateful bastard who wanted to kill Eric and he knew what he was doing. He kept applying the choke hold even with the guy telling him he can't breathe.

You can see from the video that Garner is a bit worked up but otherwise is not really a violent person. People pay taxes for the cops to talk guys like this down, not strangle them to death on the sidewalk in broad daylight.