Monday, December 15, 2014

False Flag, Literally

Dozens of eyewitnesses reported seeing paramilitaries setting up for some kind of "drill" across the street from the coffee shop early in the morning. A "drill" across the street from the Reserve Bank.

Another one of those "drills" "taking place the same day in the same place at the same coffee shop." "Imagine our shock when suddenly Islamics took hostages inside the shop." Riiiiiggghhhht.

Are these chuckheads so lazy they walked to the window of their meeting room, pointed down in the street at the Lindt coffee shop and said "Hey, we ought to stage it right down there. That looks like a good site."

Really funny how the "Islamics" didn't attack the Reserve bank, but a coffee shop ten meters across the street in front of it. So they could put a fake flag in the window. Probably has a label sewn to the back showing where it was made in Tel Aviv.

It's ALL SO STUPID it is a blow to human dignity everywhere.

UPDATE : Ended with a "siege" street performance that I would guess was supposed to represent a gun battle in the interior with bright white muzzle fire which looked like a discotheque strobe, overlaid with hundreds of rounds of scratchy recorded sound effects while soldiers stood by the door and threw "flash bang" grenades (exact same ultra fake white flashing) at the backs of their comrades who had supposedly run inside. Despite hundreds of sound effects, no windows broken by stray fire and appears to have done no significant damage to interior. Not even muzzle smoke drifting out which always occurs when automatics are fired. Worst false flag ever. Not even making an effort any more. Why knock yourself out for sheeple who would be fooled by anything? These guys could have run back and forth making "bang" sounds with their fingers at the storefront and the better part of people would have believed it was real. Was the NWO Player's Troupe present to help at the "event?"


NjordDanuson said...

Its pretty clear that even the super villans have all walked off the job at this point its 100% brawndo drinkers .

Al said...

It doesn't matter who organised it or by whose will it was carried out, if a lone nutcase holding up a cafe is used as a pretense for invading Iran then that's a false flag. If a white Bikie wearing a crucifix did a drive-by shooting killing every last person in the Lindt cafe it would barely make the national news let alone serve as a pretense for an invasion of the Vatican, but since there are terrists involved it goes straight to Barry O.

I was trying to find out the specifics of how the RBA operated some time ago. The only thing of interest was a clause in the constitution that allowed the management to be legally given over to a foreign third party. If our banking system is not transparent, then why shouldn't we assume it's filled with Rothschildren cackling maniacally around the roast dinner like the rich folks in Oliver.

Chris from Sydney said...

(14 Seconds into video)

Director to crisis actor "I told you to throw the flash bangs BEFORE the assault team goes in you stupid #$%^$ !"

Crisis actor "But sir, the camera was on me, I had to do something"

Director "Ok, Ok, you did it for the camera, no one will notice but next time pay attention to the script. Speaking of scripts here's one for the next job"

Al said...

Chris is right about those 'flash bangs' looking more like a strobe light and some firecrackers. Stun grenades have a history of blowing arms off. Not something you'd throw into a group of civilians and then eagerly chase after.

Passing tranquillizing gas through the ventilation system would be a fine tactic for defusing a hostage situation IMO. Even tear gas would have worked. Hell, even starving out the hostage-taker would have better odds for success.

Running in shooting is such a crude and unsophisticated method considering the technology available. Even Stone-agers smoked enemies out of their hiding places. Have we made no progress in 4 thousand years?

The Slow Blade said...

What's funny is that I see a recent visit from Tel Aviv on the Visitor Globe every time I read your blog.

I wonder who that could be.

Luke said...

Tex, have you read Graham Hancock's novel Entangled? It lines up with your theories quite well.

deadman said...

Off topic :

Watch a man control two robotic prosthetic arms with his mind

Did I hear the key word 'DARPA'...

- deadman

Ron said...

@The slow blade

That would be me. And I'm not in Tel Aviv either, the servers in Israel route it through there.

Ron said...

I can see it being a false flag, but I have the same problems with the "no deaths" issue you always bring up in these cases.

First off, these people have no regard for human life to being with, so why wouldn't they both stage it and get a bunch of innocent people killed?

Secondly, hiring actors only makes it more likely that you will get a leak.

Thirdly, it's more realistic if it is real.

The Lusitania was a false flag, but it was set up in such a way that a real ship was sunk. The Reichstag was a false flag, and it was in fact burned to the ground. The German diplomat shot by a disturbed Jewish teen which led to the "Kristalnacht" riots was also a false flag, as we now know because that particular German diplomat was now shown to have been highly critical of his Nazi masters. And yet, he was actually shot and a deluded fool was used to do it.

Why bother using actors in Sandy Hook, when it is easier (if you have no soul) to simply get a deranged tormented kid to have access to automatic weapons and bad drugs and a few suggestions in the "right" direction?

Why bother pretending that people were blown to bits in Boston, when you can just as easily get two bastards to blow them to bits? It doesn't make it any less a false flag if two actual islamists were used to do it.

Why bother staging executions by ISIS, when you can simply kill them? That way no awkward questions when the dead men turn up on 5th ave eating a hot dog.

The twin towers may have been rigged for explosion, but that doesn't mean the planes weren't flown into them. Nor does it make it any less a false flag if they actually hadn't been rigged to explode.

Texas Arcane said...


No grieving relatives demanding answers like on 9-11.

HalibetLector said...

Secondly, hiring actors only makes it more likely that you will get a leak.

You're not thinking evil genius thoughts! :) Leaks with false flags don't matter. Anyone willing to talk, whether they have proof or not, will be laughed at as conspiracy theorists. There is no way to make somebody's eyes glaze over faster than saying "9/11 was in inside job".

it's more realistic if it is real.

Why would they care if it was real or not? The real events aren't necessarily what they're after. It's the media coverage of the event they want. Hiring actors means you can manipulate the media coverage to have exactly the visual effect you want for a compelling narrative. Maximum impact for minimum effort.