Monday, December 22, 2014

Cop Crybabies Can Dish It Out But They Can't Take It

In response to the recent spate of LEO bootlickers, an interesting development from 2013

They started it but lack the guts to finish it. Easy to be a tough guy if you can disarm all your victims first like the police in Mexico. Kwanstainia is going to be a little harder than that.

The police were acting invincible and like they were gearing up for a war. They were treating the Constitution like a joke. They got what they were looking for and now they whine that war is hell. Cop, you have no idea. Keep it up and you are going to find that at the end of the day it was just a job. You should have thought more about it first. I've worked alongside the police for years at a time in both the U.S. and here in Australia. I have seen them in the gym. I've never seen a cop with half my upper body strength and I am certainly no badass. I have no idea why some of these cops would want to act like that, ever, for any reason. It is just not wise at all.

The shrinks say tests confirm they are "authoritarian" personalities. The shrinks also say that authoritarian personalities are narcissists hiding their insecurities behind regulations they claim enable them to do whatever they want, whenever they want. What sort of decent person would ever want to make a claim like that? Yet I have heard it from their mouths as a fly on the wall many, many times. The Walter Mittys of the world hear and see everything but nobody ever really sees us.

"You will become as a shade, Enkidu! You will look out and see life pass before you but none will see you!"

- Curse of the Demon Humbaba, Epic of Gilgamesh


cbenediccengi said...

this guy I went to high school with (friend, of a friend, of a friend) became a high school teacher. I witnessed on several occasions sadism and misogyny. The 'authority' of being a teacher didn't satisfy him, so, he became an RCMP officer. Been one for a year, already brags about how he fucks with people constantly. Enjoys ruining their day.

I had another CLOSE friend I lived with in university who tried out for the RCMP; his brother was RCMP, also. He didn't get in because they didn't like HOW he answered a question about smoking marijuana. He admitted to smoking it like 10 years prior, in high school, which was the truth. This guy was one of the best young men I've had the pleasure of being friends with. Not particularly Thalish, but intelligent, kind, protective of women, likes kids.

The honest man didn't pass the psych tests, the sociopath now has a federally issued handgun to fuck with people that trips off his amygdala. Mostly women too; they're not attracted to him because he's a weirdo and creeps them out.

Chris from Sydney said...

Apparently 'Diversity' requirements don't matter when it comes to shooting pregnant women and little kids.
Why do they think they need to train to shoot pregnant women, or to put it another way, what is being planned that would make a pregnant woman need to open fire on the State apparatus ?

J.M. said...

Hey Tex, I disagree on many points with you, but, regarding gun control this video ( basically proves two things: 1. Gun control freaks are even crazier than any of us imagined. 2. Women suffrage MUST be rescinded, regardless if we are talking about Neanderthal, sapiens or green big headed women.

Women were not made to lead but to be led, as simple as that, as men are called to be just leaders. Anything else just represents an abomination to what was pre-ordained by God.

Chris from Sydney said...

J.M. ,Unfortunately the video is marked 'private'.