Saturday, December 13, 2014

"Conspiracy Theorists" Actually Test As Saner With Fewer Delusions and More Rational Mental Process

The label itself is the result of a successful campaign by the CIA to blast political dissidents as crazy.

In the Soviet Union, you could get yourself lobotomised for doubting the official story. In the West, ostracised or executed. It is not that the West permitted freedom of thought and speech, it is that they were more subtle in the way they approached punishing those who did not conform to whatever nutty story they were promoting that particular week.

Some of the stuff that modern governments come up with are so dopey a child would know better. A lot of modern populations lack the discernment that a toddler has for determining the difference between truth and falsehood. They have got an easy way to avoid thinking about that. They just label anybody with a mental age above 12 years old as somehow mentally ill.

So kids like me don't stand a chance coming out of the gate unless they learn to rely on their own judgement and the other seven billion be damned if it comes to that. Luckily, in my particular instance, I had seen enough of the world to know by the age of 20 that anything that ordinary people agree upon will invariably turn out to be wrong. Whenever I heard them claiming that the subject was settled and only a madman would even ask questions about it (whatever it was) I knew they were absolutely wrong and were incapable of reforming their own convictions on that and almost any other subject.

If you say to a man, "It's dangerous to run a red light." Most of them will consider it your opinion until they've had a narrow miss creeping into the intersection and begrudgingly incorporate it into their worldview … if they have any sense at all. This is what passes for "learning" amongst them - an adaptive response, like bacteria moving away from a lamp turned on above their petri dish. Anything more complex, chances are they will be trying to run that red light for the rest of their lives and think you're way too cerebral to be giving them any advice about it. They'll tell you, "We've all got opinions. Your red light theory is just one take on it. I prefer to go with my gut on what seems natural. Since most of what 'seems natural' to me are my unconsciously absorbed ideas off the televitz, you seem to have little weight to your arguments. Are you a scienmagist who has studied traffic intersection theory?"

I don't need to be a scientist to know running a red light is stupid. I also don't need to be an engineer to know buildings don't collapse straight down into their own footprint in 7 seconds from a structural fire.


NjordDanuson said...

They also belive manbear pig and the super freinds are real ...

Ryan David G said...

Depends on the 'conspiracy theory'. Sometimes the conspiracy theories are so convoluted and unlikely that Occam's razor seems a better bet.

Like the theories after every plane crash that it's all been arranged with corpses, corrupt radar operators and a substitute plane, when if these 'organisers' were really so ruthless and evil it would be much easier for them to just blow up a regular flight.

Ave said...

To Ryan David G : The problem with Occam's Razor is that it's much simpler to say that the sun circles the Earth.

Grognard said...

Some conspiracy people are nuts, but anyone who spends their time defending the orthodoxy is truly insane and brainwashed.

Sam said...

"...I also don't need to be an engineer to know buildings don't collapse straight down into their own footprint in 7 seconds from a structural fire..."

I've started being more specific as it's much harder to refute. As in,"All you have to know about 911 is World Trade Center building #7, not hit by a plane, fell the same speed as a bowling ball dropped out of a helicopter in the air for around 108 feet. This is impossible. Even worse, all four corners of the building fell at about the same speed even though the only damage was to the back. It's just not possible. If you were to magically suspend the floors in air and put marshmallows in between them it would fall slower than it did."

This is plainly damn near impossible to say that this happened due to the planes hitting other buildings. I've been arguing with hasbara about this. They used to just ignore it but now they've started arguing that the fires did it. This idea that the fires did it is damn near impossible to defend. Why? Here's a video AFTER the North tower fell and hit building #7. They say that the tower caused HUGE gaping holes and fires in building #7. Do you see them?

Then they say the fires got bigger later. Unfortunately for them new videos were released by NIST due to the freedom of information act. Here's a video of the North side of #7 about one hour before it fell.

Notice that for the building to fall 108 feet or roughly 10 stories, 10 stories or better would have to be on fire across the whole width of the structure. I see maybe two floors on fire. Two are going fairly good but a lot of the fires are black smoke meaning they are smoldering. Nowhere near the bright white or yellow flame needed to melt to nothing the columns supporting the building. As it is I'm giving them a lot to say it would only be 10 floors. It would actually require at least twice as much to get ten floors of columns to almost sanctimoniously disappear. The whole thing is just not possible.

People don't want to believe this because it's so frightening. The idea that all media is ignoring something so important provides a mental block to people. I admit it took me a while before I could believe that the whole 9-11 story was a lie. I tried to find all sorts of rationalizations as to why the building fell but I could not do so.

Building #7 is just a big smoking gun. It's just not possible for fire alone to have done this. I would appreciate it if every time someone agreed with the media position they would point out what I did and let them explain it. Cut and paste what I wrote if you wish. I don't care about attribution just that the word gets out.

Sam said...

I forgot to add that MANY conspiracy theories are themselves created by the conspiracist to make all conspiracies seem stupid.

A good example is "The Disclosure Project". I believe this is an Intel run op.