Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Atomic Fire Never Dies

It is a sword of Damocles. You can go nuts under it - which the Kwanstain did a long time ago - but it still hangs there.  You can pretend it is no longer dangling above but that won't change a thing.

There have been many plans to rid the world of war.

That's all they will ever be, is platitudes and homilies.

War is a racket and it will always return. You will never see an end to war because of what human beings are inside. The worst are full of fiery conviction and the best are never in a position to change anything.

There's a way to solve this dilemma. I figured it out a long time ago.

You build a vault. God was right. The meek will inherit the earth. The slow to wrath and quick to forgive will outlast them all. They are Neanderthals deep inside and it is their destiny and their birthright to have the planet returned to them the way it was the past million years.

Homo Sapiens is a short, brief bad dream the world had and like all flash-in-the-pans, they had their day. As a fundamentally flawed creature they have been pushing their Neanderthal weapon-makers towards this conclusion for the past 38,000 years. The moment that a Neanderthal boy was chained to a post and a Cro-Magnon stood over him and dropped two stone flints into his lap and told him, "You - chip! Make spearheads good!" and left him to his task, this day has been approaching. Saps was always his own worst enemy. He must have been designed that way.

Bet you the first Neanderthal boy they ever had make a flint for them, the kid was thinking as he handed it over, "One of these days I'm going to make one just as good for your enemy, then the two of you can kill each other and we will all go home. That would be poetic justice for the likes of you savages."

The human race has tried to bury these crimes of its origins so deeply they would never be found. Did God ever forget these crimes? If you believe Scripture, God has not forgotten these crimes. He has had poetic justice in mind the entire time for the children of Cain. I am sure had they repented of their ways and changed their hearts, there would be no third World War. That hasn't happened. Cain's children will pay the price for their fathers crimes and their own crimes in the current generation. Think of the half a million civilians killed in Iraq by carpet bombing, mostly women and children … and ask yourself if the sons of Cain deserve what they get in the end.

You said you wanted better weapons, right, boss? Hold your (ours, actually) horses, I've got one coming up that is going to be the biggest and best weapon of them all. You do what you think is best with it when you get it.

From the blood of Abel unto the blood of Zacharias, which perished between the altar and the temple: verily I say unto you, It shall be required of this generation. 

KJV Luke 11:51


NjordDanuson said...

Luke said...

Grognard said...

I assume if someone does launch nukes on you it would be when they think you will be completely surprised. No saber rattling, just nuclear hellfire.

Nightwatchstate said...

what's with the Watchmen screen? I know it has a nuke, but there are lots of photos of nukes. Something about it specifically?

Texas Arcane said...


The idea of people living their lives despite being under the threat of nuclear war.

Eric Green said...

"Atomic fire never dies" -- indeed.

When you combine widespread nuclear weapons and power with the other evidence presented in the news every day -- deteriorating cognitive ability, failure to see cause-effect, declining impulse control -- you're forced to conclude that all roads lead to one future.

@ Grognard

Depends. If the nuke war is started by the USA, they'll threaten and bloviate about it first. If it's started by Russia or China, there won't be any warning until first launch. It's stupid to notify your enemy of your intentions, possibly reducing the effectiveness of your attack, so naturally the Kwanzanies can't resist.

The older I get the more I think there's something seriously defective in the Anglo-Saxon society and character. The Magna Carta and Bill of Rights were bizarre anomalies, not the product of some underlying goodness in the civilizations that produced them. Look at England now -- is there anything worth preserving in that stinking police state sewer? How would a functional people arrive at this state of affairs?

scipio afircanus said...

You would think we would learn from history. Thinks worked out great for Napoleon and Hitler when they got into ground wars with Russia, in Russia.