Sunday, December 14, 2014

America's Elite Have An Underground City With Subway

We have always known here at Vault-Co.

All the money spent here wasn't spent on civil defence for the nation. It wasn't even spent on a nuclear deterrent force like a shuttle system for nukes. That's because the elites in America never planned to save anybody but themselves in WW3.


Herman said...

They'd tear each other apart once their new hierarchies set in

Matthew Richter said...

A pack of semi skilled control freaks who have mastered the art of 'delegation'? I hope a freestyle infiltrator on the construction crew installed a 'Truman Show' type surveillance system to record the Elite at the peak of their plan.
And then send a live feed to the dare devils on the surface for reality entertainment. Sort of a reverse Hunger Games. Fark, there is that damned movie plot I've been looking for, hehe.

styrac1 said...