Thursday, December 4, 2014

50 Different Benefits of Coconut Oil Backed By Hard Data

It is incredible and so simple. 

Coconut oil has now beaten 8 different types of prescription medication in controlled trials for various conditions. It is dirt cheap and tastes good. I can't believe it hasn't been banned yet.

Look for the shock headlines in the near future "DEADLY STAPH FLESH EATING VIRUS FOUND IN UNCOOKED COCONUT," etc.

Remember, doctors have been warning that coconut oil and milk is bad for your heart for the past half century. Like sunshine and fresh air.


Amy said...

Remember, doctors have been warning that coconut oil and milk is bad for your heart for the past half century. Like sunshine and fresh air.

Huh. I "discovered" coconut oil and raw milk in 2009. Big secret, hiding in plain sight. My dad couldn't figure out why we tended to be so sick, drinking milk and eating the same foods he grew up on...except they were same in appearance but not in composition. My dad grew up in farm country in the late 50s - early 60s. Raw milk, a side of beef in your basement, and home-preserved veggies and fruits were the order of the day for him.

I've posted pics of my kids with the caption "fresh air and sunshine grows happy babies." I don't give them fluoride water, or put sunscreen on them, or restrict their impulse to be outside. When we go out in public, I frequently get compliments on how pleasant and well-behaved they are - they don't argue or climb shelves or throw things. They use their manners. It's as much about what they eat and do as having two parents home with them, and them being home with their parents, rather than off at various sports and amusements all day.

And I don't even homeschool!

Eating is at least half of your health and demeanor. Give your brain the good stuff and you'll be happy.

KW Jackson said...

Too right, Amy. I see the same thing in kids all around. Sugar is like crack cocaine to a young mind, complete with tantrum come-downs.

cbenediccengi said...

I have a degenerative neurological disorder. Quite common among 'Thals; MS, Alzheimer's and what not...
a lot of modern disorders are caused by the frigged up food we eat, that causes systemic inflammation. I found quite a bit of relief with the Paleo Diet.

Bone scans - the Max Planck Institute of Evolutionary Anthropology - from Euro/Neanderhtal's has shown that we were more carnivorous than modern day wolves!

"The isotopic evidence indicates that in all cases Neanderthals were top-level carnivores and obtained all, or most, of their dietary protein from large herbivores."

It is also important to add in fermented veggies (for gut health), bone broth (which is good for your bones....teehee), and especially, organ meats/offal, which contain the highest % of fat soluble vitamins.

Not to mention, the offal - kidney, liver, heart, tongue, trotter, tripe, tail, ear, cheek, eyes/brains(if you're real adventurous)- is all the parts that most people don't want, and are dirt cheap. They're just a bitch to cook.

Primal Body, Primal Mind - Nora Gedgaudas
GAPS Diet - Dr. Campbell-McBride

Nose to Tail - Fergus Henderson
Odd Bitts - Jennifer McLagan

Al said...

Alien organisms metabolize sugar, so don't eat sugar and starve alien organisms. How could you lie about something this simple?

Dan Crab said...

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