Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Zero Sum Mockup Humans

(Warning. The following paragraph may contain triggers for some people. I don't believe anybody could write something as Orwellian as the prior sentence without irony.)

I don't know why this author is describing this as a new phenomenon. I'm over a half century old and I have never seen anybody different in public. All you got is these lite-brand Thailand dollar store ripoff imitations. They are like a white unmarked cardboard box with simple black title reading HUMAN in capital letters. All Homo Sapiens look alike to me, no joke. The only time you will see somebody with a soul, you will also see the same build, same facial features, same gait, same hair, same peculiar speech patterns, same essential rhythms … doesn't matter if they are male or female. It's the same species, that's why. The rest are the "others." They were never much differentiated. Once in a while, you see one of the leaders of the "others." They have larger foreheads and elongated skulls to contain their elongated brains. There is only one species of human on the planet who evinces a soul. Scripture says all these people have souls but only one of them shows it in the face.

I don't need to know their politics. I have a television. I already know what they think.

The most obvious things in the world are also the most profound. It is the things you see every day of your life you take for granted. Unbelievable conclusions are right in front of your face in the most mundane of observations. It is the things you have always taken for granted where the deepest insights into the real world lie.

I need you to think about this question that follows …

How likely is it that an animal like this could have arisen from the natural, organic processes of adaptation to a cold environment? Cold climates require a wholly different type of human being than this in every single metric you could imagine. This kind of critter could only exist during the Holocene and not outside of it.

If you think hard about this question you will inevitably realize … this is a machined product mass produced from a genetic lathe. Not a naturally occurring organism. Somebody made this. It was never living a natural tribal life in extremely cold temperatures in a small group of loving, devoted warm blooded mammals who reached consensus easily because they were all extremely intelligent. It is the evil twin of this species, a kind of doppleganger. Almost looks to be a product of somebody's depraved sense of humor. It is like somebody said, wouldn't it be funny if we took a Neanderthal, stripped off all the good parts, gave it a fantastic spear chucking physique and then used it to exterminate the Neanderthals? It makes you think that the Neanderthals were so annoying to somebody that they were not content to merely genocide them, they insisted on doing it in a very ironic fashion.

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PrairieSage07 said...

What about a quonset hut inside a quonset hut? A gap of several feet between the two... filled with dirt, gravel, etc.

Relatively cheap, can be assembled by two or three people..

Dig the inner hut deeper to get fill for between the two. Pound a drive point well inside with a handpump for water. Small bedroom caves that are well insulated to be heated by body heat.

Ron said...

This is wrong. You are dehumanizing people. Whatever you have gone through, however correct you are in your assessment of the fallen nature of people, you are taking this too far.

You are like a man of great physical strength who assumes those physically weaker deserve to be pushed around. Or a man with great lineage, sneering on those born of slave. Or a man of great beauty or intelligence, etc.

You have a strength so you can use it to help your brother where he is weak.

Maybe you are bitter at the willful stubborn foolishness of the masses. I know I am. But the response is not to abandon them! For all you know, they actually are doing the best they can and their striving pleases the Creator.

I only say all this rebuke to you, because of respect.

Texas Arcane said...


Then you have to get used to being persecuted for thinking, Ron. Any help or assistance you offer to such people will result in them labelling you a Nazi, enemy of the people or a misanthropic troublemaker.

Nobody ever suffered for flattering people and feeding their vanity. If you tell people the truth, that they are morons and not much better than robots, they will despise you and you will have achieved nothing.

When you figure out how to work around this basic dilemma of simply being unable to do people much good no matter what, make sure you tell me so I will know what I have been doing wrong all these years.

If you are an honest man and tell the truth, people will hate your guts. There is no workaround for this result as far as I know.

Ron said...


If you are an honest man and tell the truth, people will hate your guts. There is no workaround for this result as far as I know.

It is precisely because the people hate honest men that they need them so much.

People only hate what they fear, if they hate lies, then that is a good thing, because it means they believe they can handle reality, it means they trust God to do right by them. But when they hate truth, it means they fear the truth, which means they fear reality, which means they believe God hates them so much He would cast them into the garbage for no reason.

The only reason someone fears reality if they believe that cannot cope with it.

When someone believe God hates him, that his brothers care nothing for him, and that he should not even care for himself, then that person will hate an honest man with a near psychopathic passion.

Why? because he feels that the honest man is simply torturing him. "Isn't it bad enough that I have to get hit by this damn train, do you really need to remind me of it? Cant I spend my last moments thinking of something pleasant?" It's a lack of genuine hope.

This is why they need fearless, honest men more than ever. Not because we tell them "the truth". Look, for all you know 90% of what you are saying could be pure nonsense, but you ARE HONEST ABOUT IT. You show your reasons, you express what you believe. This is scary to people, not because your conclusions are scary, lets face it, people believe much scarier things that obviously utter nonsense, but because your manner is honest. If you are wrong, eventually you will discover that through an adherence to the principles of dedication to discovering the truth.

THAT is what terrifies people. Someone who does that will eventually hit on the truth. And that is terrifying, because they are terrified of the truth, whatever it is, because they don't believe they will be able to handle any reality, and that is because they absolutely don't believe in themselves.

This is why they fear and then hate an honest man. And that is why it is so important to demonstrate a fearless honesty, to show them that they can do it.

Anyway, that's what I think. I don't think we agree on much, I don't think you'd even like me if you knew what I believed and where I come from. But even when I don't agree with you, I think you have important insights and you bring up information that should be taken seriously. So, that's that.

cbenediccengi said...


'if want to tell people the truth, make 'em laugh. Otherwise, they'll kill you' - Henry Louis Mencken

but, inevitably ....

Ron, I hear what your saying, the dogs of nihilism are hard to keep at bay. Unfortunately, there is so much evidence to prove how utterly fucked up this species is.

One instance: Women are the gatekeepers of procreation and are hardwired to want to get the seed of dudes with high tendencies in the Dark psycopaths. Charles Manson is engaged. 50 shades of grey sold more copies than the King James Bible.
etc. etc.
So intelligent 'nice guys' (pussies) do all the work, get stolen from, and their effort/resources given to psychos, single mother whores and their bastards.
That's why we're seeing these Men Go There Own Way (MGTOW) and men's rights activists (MRA) groups pop up. The nihilism has reached critical mass and good people are starting to form new tribes. These conscientious people will form the new American Renaissance, as history is cyclical.
Likely, there will be a Civil War 2/WW3 before it happens...but, such are humans.
Group builds prosperity, prosperity to selfish narcissism, laziness/stupidity to collapse. Rinse. Wassh. Repeat.

Chris James said...

Weak modern men are the problem. The right thinking male population fell asleep at the wheel. We were supposed to keep the walls from being overrun, but we were too distracted by the trinkets our enemies brought along with them, as well our empathy got the better of us. Our grandfathers, who were real good guys, see the new breed of "nice guy" and can only shake their heads. Doormats, cowards, reveling in weakness of mind, body, and spirit. "Intelligent nice-guy" is an oxymoron. They can't figure anything out. They are predominantly far left. I have never seen a man of real intelligence who suffered fools of any sex.

Imagine if the 'thals weren't limited by the circumstance of their environment. Boldness is a masculine trait (which the modern nice guy doesn't have), but it's hard to take it that far when your environment punishes overreach. If they had survived to see a more hospitable climate, imagine the kind of present we'd be living in. One of invention and wonder that also maintains respect for nature and other lifeforms. Things like the BP oil spill and L.A. riots would have been unthinkable

Texas Arcane said...

@Chris James

Did somebody look at the Amud and deduce that in combination with warming temperatures, those funny eccentric Neanderthals were on the verge of becoming a real contender with them for power on the planet?