Tuesday, November 4, 2014

When Amway Made Fallout Shelters

Pretty cool look at a shelter connected through the basement

Funniest part was the two Kwanstainian women talking like surfer girls about the experience. "I was like ... soooooo .... claustrophobic! I am so glad that Obama has like ... totally destroyed all the nukes! Now we're like ... safe! Let's all be thankful we are edjamafacated now and like ... not totally fearful any more about anything!"

P.S. If you really want to clear your head of all this drivel, I highly recommend the link on the left to you called "Lifeboats and Civil Defense" which details the slow descent into total insanity every generation takes in between wars, during which they go partially sane again for a little while. The single greatest contribution any individual citizen can make to world peace is to take care of his family's own survival, which makes enemy aggression more costly and less effective no matter what era you live in. My ancestors helped dig many of the trenches and tunnels on the northern side of the Civil War that made the southern "wunderwaffen" miracle weapons ineffective. For the price of a shovel, they turned a super cannon firing 300 pound shot into a very expensive and useless novelty for the South.


John said...

I'd sleep easier knowing I had access to one of those, but I don't know about 2+ months in there. I haven't read much about it but how long would you plan on being under ground before surfacing?

Have you read much about the psychological aspects of long-term vault dwelling? Seems to me like it would be the hardest thing to prepare for, then again maybe not. Stay in the vault or die, pretty simple I guess. I'd be forced to finally get through The Brothers Karamazov.

Herman said...

Was that a hairpiece or is her parietal really that massive?

Russell said...

While I was watching it I was struck by how the news producers tried to make this repulsive to the viewer. The discordant music, the choppy quick cuts, the odd motions of the camera, the post-production "particles" floating around, all trying to warn people that shelters are badthink.

Amazing. The dishonesty oozes from the screen.

The air filter pump was really slick, though.

Chris from Sydney said...

@ Herman, I noticed that the girl in the red had that strange jutting forward pointy chin like you see in the old paintings of the Hapsburg's.

I'd say she's a melonhead descendant because I don't think that's a wig.

KW Jackson said...

I'd imagine it would be much like gaol without all the psychopaths trying to ass-rape you. Instead you'd be locked in with your loved ones and maybe some close friends. If that prospect seems trying then you've already identified that your relationship(s) with them need some improvement. Not an attack just an observation. Even Thal's need social groups.

Al said...


The hair isn't parted straight to the crown. The side part stops halfway along her head and the rest of the hair is piled backwards across the crown. Common ploy to make women look taller and more regal.

Texas Arcane said...


Civil Defense is always unfundable between wars. During the war, the aggressor finds he can get no support from his host population without spending some token money on it, like Anderson Shelters.

It is not that Civil Defense is without question the most important military expenditure of them all, it is that it never has any champions and can easily be ridiculed by any jackaninny who decides he'd rather have armaments than defensive measures. When the country is not at war it is fairly simple to discredit and get the public to convince themselves their own defense is impossible. That of course leaves more money for government shelters which are elaborate and expensive.

Herman said...

My ancestors fired cannons while jabbering in norwegian during the civil war