Monday, November 17, 2014

Vault-Co Was Right In 1997

Nuclear War Was Inevitable Back In 1997 With A Simple Review of Geopolitical Realities

Back when this site was called TEXAS ARCANE's SURVIVAL REPORT and we sold gas masks, NBC equipment and survival gear inside of Australia.

Inevitable. Anybody who could listen and evaluate an argument would've known this was coming.

Not just any nuclear war, however.

All-out apocalyptic winner-takes-all cobalt-salted ultimate death cage match nuclear war. Robot stealth bomber fleets, atomic cluster bombs, orbital arrays of plutonium spraying cruise missiles and rods from god platforms. That's just for the limited nuclear exchange. After that, they break out the big stuff.

We also predicted (laughable at the time) that Russia would innovate and upgrade their military before Kwanstainia would. Even back in 1997 you could see the American focus remained on developing a military that could fight and win World War II against Germany and Japan. Otherwise their command structure was completely out of touch with the technology that was emerging then.


Sam said...

Looks to me like China and Russia have EM inertia drives. There's been hints that inertia drives exist for a long time. I've always wondered if the US had advanced versions of these. A long time ago maybe late 50's early 60's there was a lot of articles in American space magazines about tying the force of gravity to electromagnetic forces and then...silence. They just stopped.

One that interested me a lot was the Dean drive. Based on masses that accelerated their acceleration. G. Harry Stine of Analog Science Fiction Science Fact wrote about the one Dean showed him. It was on wheels on a tile floor. When off it could easily be rolled back and forth but when on it would force itself in one direction. Stine pushed on it and he could feel the force pushing him back. This was in a hotel room so it's not likely that foul play was involved. Stine went on with a research team to formulate that there is a third derivative force in nature. Based on shocks or rapid changes in acceleration. These give off gravity waves?/forces? that can be pushed against. He also used this idea to claim that the increase in mass particle accelerators show is actually that force. Very intriguing idea. Any one who has spun a wheel up fast then tried to turn it has felt it. You're trying to instantly change the acceleration of an object.

Same thing. Everyone just ignored him. Too smart to even see what was in front of their own eyes.

The EM drive has been proven to work beyond all doubt. If the efficiency can be upped, and there's many who say it can, space travel could become a LOT more common and it will no time before the solar system is explored in much detail. There's even a paper saying the efficiency can be high enough to make a single stage to orbit spacecraft. I notice there has not been massive news on the EM drive. Should be. It's a MAJOR breakthrough in every way comparable to the invention of fire. Will America get in on this? Probably not. If the military has been hiding such abilities all these years they will be loath to let it go. Information to them is power they don't want to let go of. Leaving it to others less inclined. Sad.

Dean drive

Sam said...

Tex I wish you would get rid of whatever pop up box that asks me if I want leave your page. If I hit the close button on a tab it's retarded to have to tell the page twice to do the same thing.

I'm not even sure why it does it. It's not an every time thing. I just tried to duplicate it and it didn't happen. Seems I have to browse for a while on different pages to get it to happen but I don't have a reliable method to replicate.

Maybe it's not your site at all but I can't offhand remember any other sites that do this. My apologies if so.

Using latest Firefox browser.

Chris from Sydney said...

'Thal put's down chimp out by female cro-mag and friends.

You know what it's like, you've just come of shift doing security at melon head HQ and you're minding your own business and suddenly all hell breaks loose, just because you wore your lucky jacket on the way home....

These bastards can really get to you sometimes......

Texas Arcane said...


Sorry about that. I would never put a box like that on any web site. It must be something in the web code. My browser doesn't do it.

John said...


Cool links, to say the least. It's way above my head, especially the paper you linked, but I think I get the basic idea. The continuous surging nullifies the equal and opposite reaction, is that right? It would be nice if these technologies could applied to something other than weaponry.

Sam said...

@tex. Yeah I figured it wasn't you but had to ask. If you did it at least it wouldn't be random. :)

@John Yes somewhat. The idea is VERY fast transits of force DO NOT react the same way. Where velocity is a constant speed and acceleration is a constant increase in speed, this is a very fast increase in speed. Stine says that there is real world applications. They used his theory to design large paper making machines to work better. He also said that large rockets actually take just a little more energy to reach orbit than classical equations would call for. He said it's related to the starting transients. Another is bullets hitting targets. There's some weirdness going on there but I can't remember what he said about it. Dean was not the only person that came up with such a drive. Cook was another guy who came up with a weird mechanical contraption that moved in one direction. Most of these things are to unwieldy to do anything with.

I'm not so sure the gyroscope is the same thing. I added it because it might be the same. While it's spinning fast if you try to move it it does have a very fast change in acceleration. It could be that the gyroscope is just trying to maintain it's position in the universe but if that's so why not fly off the planet if it's just trying to maintain it's position retaliative to the inertia/gravity field of the universe. That's an explaination that is used to explain it's behavior but it doesn't make sense to me. Why, if it wants to remain in it's present position, does it stay rotating around the Earth where it was spun up? Why doesn't the force used to make it go up push on the persons hand that is raising it? What's it pushing against?

Here's another weird physics thing that people ignore. Ed Leedskalnin's Perpetual Motion Holder PMH. It's just a U bolt electromagnet that if pulsed holds the metal plate on by ???? It's like a superconductive magnetic field. Even more interesting if you pull off the metal plate the energy put into the coil to hold the metal plate on, comes back out of the coil.

I wonder what's going on in these EM drives. They say it's because the shape that there's more force on one side than the other. I say bunk to that. Maybe the interacting fields crossing each other make some kind of intense electromagnetic stress area? Shouldn't say more as I really have no idea. Only reason I brought it up was to show that the same force also is shown in mechanical masses moving.