Thursday, November 27, 2014

The Poh-Leesh Will Protect Us

... they'll protect us real good.

People using common sense always insist somebody would break ranks. In reality, it turns out that 75% of cops know something illegal is going on and they are just showing up for a paycheck. An overwhelming number of bobbies would have been exposed to different parts of this colossal conspiracy and the proof is emerging that when each one of them had to choose between serving pure evil and murdering the innocent, they chose to keep their jobs.

This is why the ancient right to bear arms goes back 1200 years to the Scottish Declarations of Rights of Free Men. Our ancestors knew all these sad lessons, modern people have forgotten them and are thus anthem to recurring tragedy the likes of which they cannot imagine.

From that crooked timber, no straight thing was ever hewn. Any man who insists that only the government can be entrusted with arms is either a psychopath or an abject fool. For the majority of mankind it is almost exclusively the latter.

Any man who screams we need to save the children should go into a madhouse. A child belongs to his or her family or his kin. Any man who claims it takes a village to raise a child is a pedophile and should be drowned in a creek as Teutonics did for countless centuries. Other people's children is none of your business, sir. Your interest in their welfare is troubling since it always seems to be implying the parents are suspected of incompetency. Turns out it is always you who are suspect, my friend. I am sure there are people genuinely concerned for the welfare of the children of strangers but it should be obvious by now the other 95% of them are rotten filthy monsters.

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Lazer said...

Most modern parents are incompetent. Espepcially if the child is a neo-neanderthal. Personally, if a young male shows intelleigent behavior in my presence Ill make sure I pass along enough knowledge to help him along. Its the least I can do to fight back against the public school system, where he is subjected to nothing but indoctrination.