Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Real Martin Luther King

Was nothing like the person you have been taught to believe.

Nothing at all.

If you want to know how bad we are talking about, understand that the FBI thought they had a good chance of blackmailing him into suicide by simply revealing the truth about him. The truth is so bad it has been made into a national security secret which ordinary people are not permitted to see or hear for the next 50 years.

Just another monster posing as a saint. Meanwhile life rolls on and good men with no biographers live and die without you ever hearing a word about them. Do you think in 20 years, we will have a national holiday dedicated to Alan Keyes and his speeches will become part of our historical record? Of course not. Keyes makes sense. Under Bolshevist government, all good men and their words are consigned to oblivion.

The FBI sent photos, tape recordings, hand written letters, receipts and confessions by King taped over his phone lines to every newspaper in the United States and not a single one of them published the story. Was it the FBI that failed to warn people about this monster?

In every single place he marched, King preferred underage girls and boys in his hotel room. He beat some of them so badly they were disfigured for life. He beat many of them, raped them, then beat them some more before his staff took them to the emergency room. All of these incidents were caught on tape by the FBI and the satanic obscenities that King screamed while doing these things were so shocking they could only have come from the mouth of a psychotic.


akel szloe said...


Have you got any sources that go into detail about this, particularly the beatings?

What is the evidence that he was actually a pedophile and not just an adulterer?

Chris James said...

There is this black social critic on YT that often takes MLK and other charlatans to task. Here's one of his latest on the subject.

Of course when he does this, it makes him a "race traitor," "Uncle Tom," "sellout" in the eyes of his fellows.

Herman said...

What if the government sentenced him to death? A senate hearing recommending suicide would imply as much. What if his crimes were so heinous that it was necessary? Makes sense to me. It also seems to me that the civil rights movement was engineered as an iconoclast to deteriorate soviet communist influence, like the Beatles. Basically fun and equality were the message the the oligarchs saw as the best method to control the R selected in an effort to degrade competition, purchasing power/inflated importance (economy), from the Russians. Also I could see how those methods didn't work on the Chinese since an ethnic barrier, lack of spies, was and is prevelant.

Herman said...

Similarly, for the last paragraph, look at The Boondocks and its ridicule of modern black Americans. The way Aaron Mcgruder has been cut from authorship.