Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Last Word In Canned Air For Shelters

I can't wait until they sell bags of this stuff down at Bunnings.

If it is 50% as good as claimed it would be a fantastic replacement for oxygen candles. I bought several for my last shelter and abandoned them. Imagine a crystal the size of a baseball you keep in a can for emergencies like a firestorm topside where you have to close up your air intakes. Oxygen "mothballs."


Chris from Sydney said...

German bank charges negative interest. Why would you deal with any of these guys ?

August said...

Trompe's were used to compress air before electricity. They seem to be remarkably simple structures, which ought to work as long as the water keeps flowing. It is basically a vertical shaft going to a separation chamber, where water leaves at a lower level, and the trapped air is captured above the separation chamber.
They can generate quite a lot of pressure, so I'm pretty sure the air could be pushed through some sort of filtering system if necessary. Additionally, I like the idea that this could be a passive air conditioning system- especially if it is stored underground.

Sam said...

Thanks for the Trompe tip. Interesting. If you like weird technology you should look at,

probably the most interesting site on the whole internet. Some of it is wacky, or maybe not, but there's a world of unused tech there.