Sunday, November 9, 2014

The European Union : A Smoking Crater Of Fail

The world is a museum of marxist failures and Europe will be no different.

All regimes that are too successful (like ones with even modest amounts of freedom) sow the seeds of their own destruction. (Success leads to in influx of predators and opportunists.)

Everything that conquers in such a way as to promote hubris guarantees it will plunge screaming into flames and make a complete ass out of itself.

Only a few short years ago, the feeble and decadent regimes of the West, themselves laboring under a huge burden of socialist parasites, were gloating over the implosion of Russia. It was assumed they thereby acquired the divine right of winnarz to dictate to Russia how they would restore themselves and be as (not) successful as they overestimated believed misunderstood themselves to be at that point.

Instead of gloating like the rabbit who has a lap on the tortoise, they should have been clamoring for reform in their own economies to avoid ending up like the Soviet Union themselves.

Being natural born losers, they did no such thing. They instead plunged headlong and overconfident into their bizarre hybridized nightmarish Statism and "Third Way" strategies that had failure baked into their premises from the outset, built all upon a tower of fiat money paper.

The outcome was not really a shock.

The Romans gloated in their victory over Carthage but the worst fall of them all was awaiting Rome itself.

It is likely that the only nation that has emerged from its problems healthier due to general reforms is Russia. The rest of the planet is a basket case.

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