Monday, November 10, 2014

Terminator Versus Neanderthal

This 'bot is a perfect match for me in the ring. 6'2 and 330 lbs, we'd be a fair fight.

I doubt if his hydraulics exceed mine yet and he doesn't look fast enough but every iteration is improving.

I'd need to pop a couple aspirin to hide the pain in my foot but I'd fight him if they gave me gloves and boots. I reckon the old Terminator model ('Thals) would be victorious this time but in a couple of years I will be as outmatched as Arnie was against the T-1000. These things are getting more dangerous by the hour.

In later iterations of this technology, I guarantee you these robots will move faster than a human being can even react. If that doesn't make you afraid of the 'bot then what about the guy who gives these 'bots orders? What human being could ever be or ever has been qualified to have such power at their fingertips? Is there any human being who has ever been born who could be trusted to have their own army of these at their beck and call?

I believe this is what is planned by the same crowd working on global governance. They foresee a world in which resistance of any kind is utterly futile. Google has obviously broken their charter commandment "Don't be evil," a long long time ago.


Grognard said...

Time to cue up Dune again.

Ron said...

Tex, if you watch MMA I have a request to make

Could you ip name me a couple of the high ranking fighters that could be considered "Thal-type"

Would Gustofson or Jones be in that category?

Jake said...

Again, the thought process of homo sapiens cannot even conceive of the idea of not developing such a weaponized piece of intelligent machinery.

It is starting to look like our best bet is to hide out in the woods, on the sea, or underground, until the power supplies rust out or give out.
But if they develop nano-tech and factories that run forever?
We'd be screwed.

deadman said...

Got Tazer?

- deadman

Jake said...

It's beginning!

Sitara said...

Armed forces are always many steps ahead of civilian companies. The Internet was developed and in use by the military in the early 1980's. Civilians got it at least 10 years later. Same with many other things.

I would not be surprised if actual robots for warfare are much more advanced than these googlebots. Furthermore, I recently read a high ranking military person stating the AI for drones to target and kill enemies by themselves has been available for a while, they just don't use it yet because of the furor it will raise.

Skynet could become a real thing, I kid you not. It would be hilarious if it did happen, humanity suffering horrendous casualties at the hands of their own creation.