Saturday, November 1, 2014

Street Executions Begin In Kwanstainia

I remember back in the mid-80's when guys like Kurt Saxon were telling people that the government would just throw people against the wall arbitrarily and execute them in the streets with impunity. 

Everybody thought that was so paranoid and crazy. Saxon said the New World Order would be the cruelest and most merciless regime in the history of mankind when it began its march to world sovereignty.

This Ebola thing is a big part of it. Arbitrary confinement to homes, arbitrary imprisonment, arbitrary no-knock warrantless night raids. Saxon and others described all of this stuff in detail, claiming "terrorism" would serve as an effective excuse to introduce all these measures with little or no opposition.

Whatever Saxon was, he wasn't crazy.

Notice with hundreds of millions of dollars spent on tasers and non-lethal control measures, the cops shoot this dude with a pen knife 46 times for a taking a step towards the dog. Clearly just a mentally ill man wandering in the streets.

In the old days, I knew cops that used to pride themselves on distracting the guy so another cop would tackle him and take him down without hurting him. Lots of them used to be good enough at self-defence they could have pinned that knife arm and easily taken him to the ground. These effeminate circus tents just shoot him because they are so obese that their trigger finger is the only thing left they can move. Reminded me of the scene in IDIOCRACY where they open fire with automatic weapons on the empty taxi cab.


NjordDanuson said...
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mojo said...

Reminds me of an incident I witnessed in the early '80s.

A tramp looking guy comes into the bar and heads for a corner, older (60's) cop comes in looking for him, tramp pulls a knife on him, cop expertly disarms him, puts him on the floor and cuffs him, applause from the whole bar.

Fubar said...

I can picture them later that evening bumping chests and high fiving at the bar.
Firing nearly fifty rounds (14 hits on target wtf) to murder a confused man who went off his meds is surely something to be proud of.
Kwatroopers f#ck yeah!

mojo said...

Reminds me of an incident I witnessed in the early '80s.
Punk pulls a knife on a old cop, (probably in his early 60's), cop expertly disarms kid with his night stick and puts the kid to the floor and cuffs him. He was the only cop there.

These days that kid would have gotten 300 rounds pumped into him before he even got the knife out.

Sam said...

I wonder if they will be able to get away with that. It's just execution. I've heard that most police training has been taken over by former Israelis. Maybe that would account for the increasing aggressive behavior of the police. I also believe that they're using steroids in large amounts. Have you seen the muscles on most cops today? I don't see how they can work a full time job and get to that level without some pharmaceutical help.

I've got probably all of Kurt Saxons books. Talked to him once on the phone while ordering more. Interesting guy. One of his volumes has a cheap way to do hydroponics by using chemicals to make your own feed instead of buying expensive mixes.