Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Shelter-In-Place 1960's Style

Many inhabitants of Florida in the 60's tried to combine their shelters with their living space.

The initial expense is always going to be greater than a conventional home. Switzerland solved this problem with economies of scale. There was an American who intended to do the same but they sabotaged his plane and blamed Russia. His name was Lawrence McDonald and he was the last real conservative standing between America and the march to world government. When he died, America's last chance at a real civil defense program died with the legislation that McDonald had waiting in Congress when they blew up his plane. McDonald thought his cousin General Patton had been killed the day before he was due to return home from World War II because Patton would have almost certainly been President. McDonald was rumored to be an easy election to the White House himself. How convenient all these mysterious deaths of possible opponents, starting with John F. Kennedy and all his relatives one at a time. Nobody was safe with the wrong political ideas no matter how harmless - even Sonny Bono got beaten to death in the woods in what was claimed to be a "ski accident" in a secluded grove. A "ski accident" that left his face missing. Ted Gunderson is a lucky fellow who appeared to be one of the rare exceptions to die of cancer first. Ted was a reliable insider who said the things going on in the United States were a million times worse than what anyone would believe.


Luke said...

Conformity unique to humans among apes:

Herman said...

^ I've always been something of a chimp maybe it's my saggital-keel

Sam said...

Just some thoughts about building shelters. I think the absolutely cheapest way to build a shelter if you are using concrete is to dig a lot of dirt up and bid a large mound that is arched. Put plastic over the mound then rebar and/or wire mesh. Blow concrete(gunite) on the mound. When it dries dig out the loose dirt from inside the shelter. You could even use a high pressure hose and a mud pump and pump it out. When you get to the floor level level it put add plastic and wire mesh again then our the inside floor. No need for supports or metal tubes. The dirt from inside is put on top of the concrete. Problems are you would need machinery to do it in any length of time. However you could pile up the dirt in a day.

1. Lay down the floor plastic before you heap dirt on it. Cheap way would to use used vinyl advertising signs. They're tough and the same material used for swimming pool liners.
2. Before you blow the concrete on top jam rebar horizontally parallel to the ground, into the mound close (2")to the vinyl floor. Then when the inside dirt is removed you have rebar already bound into the walls.
3. Make the vinyl(that you laid on the ground) longer than the walls and foundation. Then after the concrete is blown on you can cover the top with vinyl and glue with vinyl glue, the top vinyl to the bottom. Making a water proof seal.