Saturday, November 1, 2014

Scientific Proof That The Leftist Brain Cannot Correctly Evaluate Threats, Hazards and Consequences

They can't. Amygdala is busted.

When you see something disgusting, be it a leech or a dead animal, the normal reaction of the brain is to tell you to STAY AWAY FROM THAT and match it with a gut reaction in the deepest part of the autonomic system.

If your brain doesn't do that then YOUR BRAIN IS NOT FUNCTIONING CORRECTLY AS-DESIGNED ACCORDING TO IT'S OWN TOPOLOGY. You need to take it back to the factory and exchange it for one that works properly.


Mex Arcane said...

More brain = better than less brain.

Texas Arcane said...


It is that simple.

Whoever you are, if you've got dark areas on your CT scan representing voids in your head, you've got problems. It does not matter what you claim your politics are. You've got problems.