Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Russia Would Win WW3 If Started Today

Would jack the Kwanstain in a single day's worth of exchanges.

This report does not even consider the possibility of China acting in concert with their forces.

If they formed a mutual defence pact, the two countries would nuke the world's capital of pornography down to bedrock.

While you were sleeping. If you hadn't been reading Vault-Co the past ten years this would all come as a pretty big surprise.


Your Friendly Neighbourhood 'Thal said...

There are no winners in a global nuclear conflict. One step too far and the entire planet becomes an irradiated wasteland devoid of all life. This is why it doesn't matter if Russia is stronger than Kwa, they will both lose if any side uses nuclear weapons. Both sides probably have Dead Hand devices in much more advanced forms than the simple Cold War systems. Multiple nuclear cobalt salted carpet bombings from the orbit or by supersonic drones in case of hostile nuclear strike being detected, sending the whole planet to hell.

Texas Arcane said...


A hell that many millions will survive. Vault-Co is all about being one of those families that makes it.

As for the notion there will never be a third world war, that's completely irrational. Of course there will be. It will be won by Russia and China. I find it incredible you think a country with almost no civil defense program and a nearly extinct nuclear force can do as much damage to Russia and China as they can do to it. It is a very lopsided situation and the Kwa has come up the checkmated loser.