Saturday, November 15, 2014

Russia and China : Building Their Tower of Victory On Top of the Radioactive Ashes of the West

Win, win and win again. It helps when your leaders have IQs higher than room temperature.

They should be selling the U.S. shovels to help them dig their own graves.

Australia won't need one if they anger Vlad further.

Here's a safety tip. If you belong to a non-nuclear non-ICBM fleet nation that has disarmed its own citizens, it is probably a bad idea to irritate a country that could reduce you to dust in 30 minutes. Australia is in great shape to fight World War Two. Unfortunately this is World War Three coming up.


NjordDanuson said...

Russia knows the western armed forces only have 2 military skills cross dressing and geting gay with kids.The only contests the west will win are in bath houses and in basements of super adventure club basements....

KW Jackson said...

Putin’s anti-gay law was another move which played well among Russians this year. It infuriated people around the world, but Putin didn’t care what they thought, and neither did most Russians.
That's what happens when a government listens to who they represent. Strange idea to us in the West.

Daimyo said...


I wonder when the guy will have a car accident.