Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Rumsfeld & Monsanto

The additive that has all the taste with zero calories, cooked up in the fires of hell.

Because everybody loves Monsanto. 


Gregg said...

that is the face a 'man' who knows he has gotten away with a lifetime of crimes against humanity, and will absolutetly never be held to account. imagine that sense of power. wow. it's totally sick that people like this can survive with their 'conscience' two decades, let alone eight.

Ryan David G said...

I've always liked Rumsfeld, he takes no shit from socialists and other idiots. He and Cheney even outmanoeuvred Kissinger when in the Nixon administration.

Texas Arcane said...


Yeah, he's a great statesman, like Dr. Evil, Goldfinger and Moonraker and that whole thing with trying to exterminate all of mankind. Otherwise, he's swell.

John said...

I haven't read enough or been alive long enough to pass an informed judgment on guys like Rumsfeld, Kissinger, Cheney, etc. But, I will hold to this: they are all a bunch of creepy faggots and they will self-destruct and fall, even if they take a bunch of us down with them. In fact I think that's at the core of who they are and what they're planning on. Self-hating forsaken bastards who want to destroy themselves with as much collateral damage as possible. If they had any decency they'd just go off by themselves and drink some Jonestown fruit punch, but that's not their style. Oh well. I actually feel a lot better when I think about how pathetic they are, although at the same time it's somewhat embarrassing that they've managed to gain the upper hand.

Jake said...

I kind of can understand Ryan's take - there is an innate tendency in herd animals to admire the alpha male. I think it is more of a homo sapiens trait than neanderthal trait however.

Regarding aspartame and splenda, etc.: I honestly don't understand how people can function while ingesting that stuff. Just regular sugar is bad for my brain and body.
Add to it GMOs, fluoride, plastics leaching feminizing hormones, RoundUp: It's amazing any of us are alive.

Just getting rid of fluoride and adding some iodine to my diet has turned my life around.
The aspartame shit must be addictive.

Ryan David G said...

Guys, guys, guys. I can understand the hate for the likes of Rumsfeld, he makes the tough decisions so you can stay home and watch wrestling on the televitz. You need a couple of ruthless types like him in government, Russia and China have thousands just like him. If you pack your government with European style tree-hugger socialists those countries will eat you alive.

Texas Arcane said...


Thanks, good cop, for telling us how to protect ourselves from the bad cops.

So all the real statesman who came before the termites were just weaklings compared to supermale Donald.

No, but we believe you. Do you actually work the net as part of a damage control team for Rumsfeld? If not, maybe you should be and you should get paid for it since you are sucking up this much for free to this stain on the fabric of reality.

Texas Arcane said...


The great thing about modern tough guys like yourselves is they do not seem to have done a single day of military service in their lives. All the Neocon Chickenhawks are the world's hardest commandos from the comfort of a couch seat with a glass of chardonnay in their hand. I don't know where we'd be without the First Israeli Rearguard Typing Corps. I guess the little people like me who have actually served and fought are regarded as too irrelevant to this conversation to deserve to have any input.

Ryan David G said...

On the contrary, Private Blakemore, I always enjoy your opinion which is why I read your interesting blog. Keep up the good work.

I would add, however, that while it is important to keep up morale amongst the grunts on the front line, it's good that generals aren't selected in a popularity contest.