Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Ruminations on the New Anthropology : Understanding Admixture

Somebody recently asked me to devote a post to elaborating on a few of the ideas I have previously put up here. We had gone into great detail in private email correspondence and this person pointed out I have never put these facts I have marshalled for my arguments up here on Vault-Co. I am supposed to be working on my game tonight but here we go, I will lay out some of the influences on my conclusions in this post. I do want to save some stuff to go into my book so I will try to be brief.

Terrible errors persist in laymen about various aspects of admixture of genes because populists tasked with explaining science in public venues are so heavily burdened by political correctness it is nearly impossible for them to speak plainly and clearly on the subject.

Here are some important concepts to understand concerning mitochondrial DNA, stem cell development from root genes and what can happen when you try to mix two really different species forcibly through gang rape:

Genes are not like paints. You don't add red and white to get pink. It is not a useful analogy to compare paints with genes. The Neanderthal genome is mixed with Cro-Magnon components about as well as oil mixes with water. They are often at war for development of the resulting person. They settle out and sort themselves apart naturally because they are often biologically incompatible.

Where two genes involved in stem cell formation compete for pole position, you will often find they can thwart proper development of either one of their blueprints. Some genes just don't mix very well. One or the other can occupy the root stem cell but they cannot share influence on development. This is why trying to mix the gene for a Neanderthal amygdala (larger but less complex, better reaction time to threats with no social filters) and a Cro-Magnon amygdala (smaller but more complex, modified to permit social filters to interfere with perception of danger allowing Cro-Magnons to be ordered into life threatening situations on pretexts more easily) can often result in a person having almost no amygdala present at all. When the Neanderthal ultra-conservative K-Selected amygdala vies for control with the Cro-Magnon R-Selected slave amygdala, the result is frequently … nothing. The human being that comes out of this genetic train wreck will be an ultra-leftist because they have almost no amygdala at all.

There are a large number of genes involved in the immune response, processing of insulin, fatty acids in brain tissue and in cardiovascular systems that are identified as having originated with Neanderthals but now are implicated in weakened immune systems, diabetes, autism and cardiovascular disease. How many people honestly believe that Neanderthals had feeble immune systems, were diabetics, mentally disabled and had poor lung capacity? Especially since these same genes (when they develop properly) are also now being associated with superhuman immune response, unbelievably efficient insulin management, much higher average IQ and high altitude oxygen carrying capacity in the bloodstream?

Certain Neanderthal genes are associated somehow with speech impediments. Modern scientists, being largely a bunch of morons, immediately assume this means Neanderthals could not talk as well as modern people. In fact, I reckon the Neanderthals were hyper-articulate with voices pitched slightly higher and with a strange warble. Again, when these genes (also proven now to affect the hyoid bone) compete with grunter Cro-Magnon (he is not much more adept verbally now than he was 20,000 years ago) they can sometimes result in damaged/atrophied throat muscular apparatus that can impair speech or coordination of the throat. Otherwise they result in two very different types of communication skills. The frequency of hyper articulate people with Aspergers Syndrome is well documented in psychology.

If we consider the paucity of female mitochondria from Neanderthals, we can figure out easily what happened to it because of the breeding arrangements artificially created by turning the Neanderthal woman into a camp whore and turning their sons into a caste slave race forbidden to mate with human females.

It is common when two different species of animals are cross-bred for whatever reason, that mitochondrial DNA (female) and Y-Chromosome DNA (male) can have vastly different targets on critical genes where one or the other wins out or neither wins out. Whichever outcome, female mitochrondrial DNA can suffer if the breeding genders are slanted in certain directions. For example, when male lions mount female tigers in season, the male offspring have a tendency to be big because the male lion's DNA is pushing for large size. The female lion (the natural mate) has another gene that works against this selection so lions do not end up as big as houses. The female tiger has no such regulatory gene matched against the male lion's bigness promoting gene. So you can get really huge tigers out of this copulatory matchup. If Cro-Magnons have a gene that selects for boys (warlike breed with constant demand for expendable males) and they rape female Neanderthals with no regulatory gene to control gender distribution, then a surprising number of these unions would produce male Neanderthal hybrids out of the pregnancies that did not result in the Neanderthal woman bleeding to death from the RH blood clotting conflict documented by anthropologists and seen to this day in the Basque women. Early on, I figure these mostly boy Neanderthals were chained to a post and forced to make weapons for Cro-Magnon tribes. These boy slaves would have few opportunities to mate with Cro-Magnon females, especially if it was a crime punishable by death for both the male and female involved … which surviving celtic writings hint may have been the case. "Any woman who looks upon one of them with desire will be put to death and the one she has looked upon also will die." Where the birth was a beautiful Neanderthal female, she too becomes a camp whore and bears children by many Cro-Magnon men, as the genes seem to indicate.

So each successive generation, the male mitochondria of the Cro-Magnon rapist is washing out the continued survival of the original female Neanderthal mitochondria. Meanwhile, the Neanderthal male slaves do not begin to intermix regularly with Cro-Magnon females until many thousands of years later when the caste system becomes less strict. Many anthropologists have pointed out that it is difficult to practice strict caste separation in city states that have larger populations. As agriculture boomed and the empires began to appear, Neanderthals (like the Greeks that came later as slaves of the Romans) would continue to be regarded as a subclass and natural servants but increasingly found opportunities to interbreed more widely. The truth is, in large societies which succeed based on their capacity to delegate work to people sufficiently talented to accomplish it, it becomes an exercise in futility to keep your boot firmly on the Neanderthal slave's neck. Like sharecroppers or indentured journeymen it is possible that Neanderthals were still instinctively despised (often to this day) but found opportunities to solve problems and begrudgingly be regarded as indispensable in many quarters. The truth is that when you're the ones who can think, somebody is bound to pause the lash on your back occasionally if for no  other reason than to allow you to get some work done for them.

Hope this helps explain some of my conclusions previously.


Al said...

So if you genocide the Y chromosome, the X chromosome will kill itself out of loneliness. Then you end up with a race of people 22/23 Thal but lacking the essence of Thal masculinity and femininity.

Also, it is known that ‘beautiful people have more daughters’. Perhaps the stress detection mechanism that prefers a male child in tough times is being constantly triggered by diet, worry and modernity in general, hence the overproduction of male Thals. One extra alternative.

Ave said...

(Sorry I liked the post, but I have nothing of value to contribute on this field. I've prepared this contribution instead - I'm posting this as a reply, but Tex if you think it's worth something I'd be glad if you'd make it a guest article).

One unseen consequence of the automation of value production, through robots and other means (AI, web bots etc.) is that it creates a closed demonetized system.

At the core of money, there is the promise that someone would do something in exchange of that money. Without that core function, it is just a bit of paper. Money has been around for millenia for this very reason. Without money, no large society could have arisen and be kept functional. Even if one currency fails, the idea of money still survives.

Artificial value producers do not need money to function. In an extreme example, if everything is produced by these machines (farming robots, robotic factories etc.) then the capital consists of them, but there is a difficulty to give it any value in money, because the value of money is tied to future human production.

I believe we already have examples of such entities that are decoupled from monetary value. When Google was first introduced twelve years ago, it outpaced dramatically those established companies that made internet search their core function. It implies that massive amounts (of money ? no !) of ressources has been put into this company just to design and create its infrastructure. Notice that its economic model (equivalent to the Yellow Pages) would never have justified such an investment because of the comically small return.

Then came Google Earth (ten years ago) and Google Street View (seven years ago), where hundreds of cars drive across many nations and take 360° pictures of everything (litterally your front door), and let's not even mention the Wi-Fi snooping. Where did these means come from ? Where is the economic value in all this ? How does Google Street View ever finance its investment back ? They're about to use robotic car that are huge investments themselves, what is the financial return ?

These companies (Google, Facebook etc.) are not about making money, and are quite shady actually. They've put some token good-looking guys at the top so that movies could be made about them, but of course this technology is way beyond the official story.

What the official story is I can't tell, but I do know that DARPA conceived the Internet itself. DARPA is the US equivalent of Pennem√ľnde (Nazi rockets etc.), and they're not here for our comfort. I'll use this name to talk about the new power that is using this non-human technology.

Quantitative Easing has shown us that money is created out of thin air, the financial situation has shown us that bogus debt could be thrown on countries (like Greece) in order to enslave them.

This is why I'm tempted to consider that money is Old Tech, i.e. Human Tech., which only serves to make the old machine run its course.

It has been some years since the transition towards the Automated Capital is ongoing, how long exactly is not the subject here. Profound changes of technology lead to difficult phases of transition, where the Old Technology still has to remain useful without endangering the development of the new one (the way the british Cavalry killed the Experimental Mechanized Force), until the old one eventually gets scrapped.

Mind you, the things we are being shown in matters of technological advances is the “open channel” version. Real advances are not being shown, because they are going to be used in a war.
Part (1/ 2)

Ave said...

Part 2/2)
From my modest point of view, I consider only the United States and Russia to be possible enemies in this new (Non-human) technological world, with China a very modest new entry. Japan and Europe are now evidently the slaves of the USA, so they are integrated with them.

That said, it is IMHO incorrect to call the USA a power, because of its very obsolete nature and the blatant incompentency of its leadership. The USA as such is a mere vector of this technological entity, for testing the new products in some conflicts. I'd like to call it DARPA instead, if DAPRA wasn't itself a tool.

Now on a global scale, when humans cease to produce enough value, they become a dead weight. Why should you consume any ressources at all if you are not capable by yourself of generating enough ressources to merely survive ? This is why China and most other countries on Earth are very rapidly becoming obsolete, because they still rely on human societies, that will soon not be able to generate enough ressources to access the marvels of technology that comes from the demonetized non-human entity (still in control of humans, that said).

This means that China will be crushed economically by the weight of its willing but not productive enough population. Foxconn announced last years that it planned to build one million assembly robots (!) in order to replace its human workers. Given the above, you can't blame them. Notice how the USA didn't hesitate to shed its obsolete humans (Detroit in the 70's already), and how deeply impoverished the Americans now are, on top of being devolved into slums, with a third of them having STDs, and all the other symptoms. This is why the USA are in a such a mess.

It is not a race to the bottom, it only is for those without use in the present and of course in the future. For the few still somehow needed by the owners of the non-human capital, such as engineers , the choice is very clear : they'll side against the obsolete humans.

In a sense, the “DARPA” entity is pushing the obsolete USA into a scenario where it can prevent any other competitor to itself (the “DAPRA” entity) to emerge. Global depopulation would be only possible when no competitors to “DARPA” could ever emerge.

Personal private note : if I were "DARPA" I would not need my existence to be acknowledged. What for ? I could imagine that such entity could become a behind-the-curtains secret entity with quasi-religious (if not quasi-magic) traits, in order to keep what eventually remains of the "obsolete" humans in check, while "DARPA" itself reaches for the stars or something.

scipio afircanus said...


Do you ID Thals only by skull physiology? I have a lot of what i would consider as Thal metal traits (ADD/very creative/bouts of melancholy), though i would say i look like a cromagnon. When i come here, it feels like home in a way.

By the way, I have been hoping that you would make a post on the Ferguson MO riots. Perhaps you have said it all before; though no one says it quite the way you do. I always laugh when I read your posts. They are funny, and the truth runs deep.

Sam said...


Very good post.

Awakened said...

How about this theory,Tex....hmmm??

Texas Arcane said...


Light years ahead of you. This tired old stuff is since much revised.

Mostly made up of caucasian converts, none greater than the Melonhead/Mousterian deposed rulers of Sumeria who make up 95% of the people hiding beneath that religious mantle.
Of course they have Middle Eastern genes, they were rulers there for thousands of years.

Imagine the ideas in that document if somebody capable of really thinking hard about the subject looked at it.


Texas Arcane said...


They want to you keep discussing them as a people whose history is found in the Old Testament when it simply isn't. The Hyksos stole that book from ancient India and mixed in parts of books from Egypt.

There are Hebrews still extant on the planet but they are a tiny, tiny minority of people. The rest of them are caucasian gypsy rejects who never got over falling out of power in Sumeria.