Monday, November 3, 2014

Preverted Proverts & The Perverts Who Love Them

Lena Dunham confesses she is a mentally ill child molester who preyed on her own baby sister.

Got to be honest with you, did not really come as a big shock here. I saw one episode of Girls one night when I was channel surfing. Disgusting, vile stuff no matter what gender you are. Looked like the kind of cable shows they aired in Sodom and Gomorrah the night before Lot came to do one last inspection for even ten humans worth saving. This is "talent" in the modern era.

UPDATE : Sexual Predator Threatens To Sue For Quoting Her Own Words


NjordDanuson said...

Its just all out there in the open straight from the horses mouth.All those edjumacated trolls who loved to laugh it up about ol fudy dudy cleve just aint got much to post when the reality of the situation finaly becomes mainstream.I hate to break it to you but all those old kooky cleve posts telling you whats really going to happen are correct you see all those think tanks composed of ultra high iq brainiacs like the santa fe group, rand corp have always come to the EXACT same conclusions.

Herman said...

Thank god I don't have television, that way at least when I'm home I don't have to deal with the tribals

Grognard said...

Another push to 'normalize' this crap no doubt.

Sam said...

I admit I don't get this. Little kids looking at genitals is not perverted. They're just curious and it doesn't mean they're thinking anything about sex. I think she's right to be insulted by the charge of child abuse. This whole child abuse thing has gone too far. If a Man gives his female child a bath is it child abuse. I think the whole mass child abuse hysteria is drummed up so that the real child abuse where politicians are having sex with underage kids will frighten the politicians into doing what they're told.