Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Organized Child Murder Ring Had Its Own Police Force

Everybody has fun at a melonhead party except the guest of honor.

Westminster sent battalions of armed police officers to confiscate evidence folders from whistleblowers.

In the interest of "national security."

Security from internal murder, rape and abduction of children by highest ranking members of that nation with full police assistance and protection. In addition to a rank of criminal subcontractors for tougher cases.

All those rumours over the years. Satanic child kidnapping, rape, abuse and sacrifice in the highest places. Stories about children torn apart by dogs inside mansions for sport while observers watched. All the most paranoid and farthest out conspiracy fringe stories. All of them now turning out to be true.

Lots of people thought Stanley Kubrick's last movie was his most important. He was trying to give people a glimpse of a world he had seen behind closed doors.

The Hypogeum at Malta has a pit in which 30,000+ human sacrifices, mostly women and children, were thrown into. None of the remains has the elongated skulls which are found in tombs on the island. The skulls are of non-melonheads. Clay masks found in the tombs by British soldiers during World War II were said to be so hideous that the Brits threw them into chasms underground, claiming they had nightmares about the masks. These masks were mentioned in earlier books about Malta. The British soldiers talked about hearing voices underground at night as well as singing. No, this isn't an H.P. Lovecraft story. It is Malta. The British military had hundreds of remains of melonheads pulled out and given to the Malta government. Some of the skulls remained on display in museums until the early 1990's when melonhead skulls began to rapidly vanish worldwide without much explanation.

Bill Cosby is tame stuff compared to what you don't hear.

Think about this stuff the next time somebody tells you that only the government can be trusted with guns. The British people believed it. I agree we need to keep guns out of the hands of psychotics. That's why government people should be forbidden to have them for any reason and the common man should be armed to the hilt.


JeffreyJerpp said...

Tex- what's with this ancient melonhead tendency to ritually murder or abuse children? Going all the way back to Lilith (owl melon goddess?) the practice of demanding children for sacrifice is seemingly integral to their religious practices. Is it the sociopathic rush of commanding total power over another living thing? Or something more?

Texas Arcane said...


I don't know.

I know people with damage to parts of the brain enjoy brutal spectacle, the more brutal the better. They need it to feel anything. The mammalian parts of their brain don't seem to give them any pleasure from normal human emotions. It is a common problem with children who had difficult births. They are very cruel and enjoy torture.

Fubar said...

Hangings too good for 'em. Burnings too good for 'em. They should be torn into itty bitty pieces and buried alive!!

Sam said...

I wonder why the melonheads were ultimately a failure. It seems to me that melonheads while really smart don't have intense wonder or a yearning for exploration for exploration sake. They are happy if they are just the rulers and are reasonably better off than everyone else. They could have done a lot more. There's various artifacts that show they could do great things but they never seemed to carry on with these. To them subjection of everyone else is satisfaction for them. Psychopaths?
Notice Jews sometimes come up with new things but most of the time are happy to take over and monopolize what others make.

Ron said...


Within the framework of your Neanderthal (Edenist?) model, what relation would those creatures have to Thals? My understanding of your view is that Thals had an extensive underground network extending to Turkey. Would such things have been competitors? Or in your view, would they be more like vermin occupying an abandoned house?

cbenediccengi said...

@ Jeff.

You have to remember that these groups are set up like pyramids - horizontal and vertical integration. If you want to go 'up', you have to be initiated with increasing brutality. They have evidence of the individual doing these deeds, and hence, they have created a control file for the handlers to 'reign in' a whistleblower. That's from a functional standpoint.

From a spiritual standpoint, it's just good 'ol Satanism. They draw strength from the destruction of innocence. The KKK are a pagan/mystic (hence, the cross burning) society started by a Freemason. It wasn't just a hillbilly free-for-all; the blacks were 'sacrifices'.

Lots of people in positions of power have done this fucked up shit and their families don't even know. Check out 'The Franklin Affair/Scandal'.

I think the solution to these British poppycock's is simple...Lock them in a room with a prime Fedor Emelianenko - type, winner gets to leave.

JeffreyJerpp said...

Tex and CBenediccengi- You know that Stanley Kubrick had a "sudden heart attack" right after submitting EWS, right? That certain scenes were altered, or in the case of a climactic human sacrifice at the melonhead party, removed completely. This is why the film seems incoherent on first viewing.

I'd like you two to consider something, particularly in light of Tex's experience with sodium lye altering his gene expression. I think melonhead rituals are (or perhaps were, in their original incarnation) much more sophisticated than we give them credit for. I think anyone with melonhead genes might be able to achieve altered states of consciousness, increased legacy gene expression, and likely genetic memory, by exposing themselves to the right stimuli (bodily fluids, rhythmic music, etc) at the right time. Hormonal excretions vary with moonlight, sunlight, I would bet in melonheads they might vary with magnetic field alterations too. They adorn themselves in masks to celebrate and signify the dissociative experiences they have during these ceremonies. Whether they are simply altering their consciousness, or communing with horrible demons, I do not know.

Texas Arcane said...


Is it possible that formerly men made much more use of the underground than is previously believed? That there were underground superhighways beneath continents? Used by Neanderthals, Melonheads and even Cro-Magnons?

The digging and tunnelling involved in a lot of these tunnels, including ones that are documented and explored, seems way in excess of anything that could be accomplished with hand tools.

Texas Arcane said...


You have described the basic philosophy of the Neoconservatives. People read Irving Kristol and note his absolute lack of any long term vision other than obtaining power for the ruling elite and keeping it. No other ambitions beyond this.

Noid said...

This makes the story of Abraham and Isaac even more meaningful - a myth about turning away from Melonhead ways?

Texas Arcane said...


My thoughts exactly. You have to be careful of offending others by suggesting that certain stories in the Old Testament are allegories consolidating huge additional information.

Texas Arcane said...


If Melonheads regularly required sacrifice of children as a loyalty test, does Abraham represent the spirit of rebellion against inhuman practices and the beginning of consciousness?

Mantis Mainomai said...

I don't quite understand the Melonheads. On the one hand, you have things like this, where they are seen as cruel and sadistic savages. On the other hand, you have mentioned for example Quetzalcoatl, where you have Melonheads as a benevolent civilising force, forbidding cannibalism.

"I know people with damage to parts of the brain enjoy brutal spectacle, the more brutal the better. They need it to feel anything. The mammalian parts of their brain don't seem to give them any pleasure from normal human emotions. It is a common problem with children who had difficult births. They are very cruel and enjoy torture."

Why should this happen? Sure Melonheads have big heads, but their women must also have been able to give birth without problems, to the extent Melonheads were a 'natural' human. Perhaps, however, it is the mixed Melons (Melon father, Cro-mag mother?) who have this problem. In which case, perhaps the original Melons were indeed benevolent civilisers, while their bastard offspring became psychopathic. Caesarian sections are quite common in the upper classes, no?

Perhaps the (East) Indians were right. Everything goes wrong when the caste system breaks down - if indeed, the castes are different sub-species.

Texas Arcane said...


You have to understand I don't have supernatural information. I am just a good guesser.

My best guess is similar to what you just posted.

Neither of the three subdivisions of humans, although being very valid to this day, feature any purity any longer. They are interbred with one another and in some cases, the result has been monstrous.

I would offer a theory - modern melonheads aren't half as bright as their ancestors as a result of interbreeding and have adapted by featuring ten times the cunning and viciousness to compensate. They desire the power and authority but are barely brighter than those they would subject and so practice extraordinary treachery now to succeed.

They want to get Atlantis back now more than ever but the problem is that the people who originally built Atlantis no longer exist and their far flung descendants are a pale shade of their ancestors, having become little more than social vampires over the many millennia of their gypsy exile.

Whereas previous melonhead run societies seemed to flourish for long stable periods of time, modern day melonheads the Hyksos, Scythians and Khazars can only loot and leech their host societies dry, lacking the brains to create or improve anything. It is always a matter of time before anything they put their hand to collapses or disintegrates under their management.